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Translational Immunology

The Translational Immunology Partnership in Southampton is a interdisciplinary network of 40 principal investigators with over £20m of funding.

It is devoted to the application of immunological discovery to the delivery of effective immunological solutions for the benefit of health and wellbeing. We bring together research across cancer, respiratory disease, neurodegeneration, infectious disease, rheumatology and dermatology in three main themes:

Barrier immunity: understanding the importance of epithelial and endothelial barriers in tissue resilience and repair for example in the airways.

Interface immunology: understanding cell-cell and system to system functional interfaces such as antigen processing and presentation, iNKT function and systemic inflammation and brain function.

Immunotherapeutics: including antibody mediated therapy in cancer and inflammatory disease and vaccine development for cancer and infectious disease.

Maintaining a interdisciplinary approach within these themes is critical to their effectiveness and the IFLS helps to support and facilitate new close collaborative links with the physical sciences, electronics, engineering and computer science which are revolutionising our ability to investigate and manipulate immune responses in health and disease. 

Other examples of interdisciplinary research within Translational Immunology are available.

Professor Tim Elliott

Theme Lead for Translational Immunology

Professor Tim Elliott

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