Living costs

If you are unaccompanied, the cost of living (in addition to tuition fees and travel to and from Southampton) is usually between £7,200 and £8,800 per academic year.

This should cover accommodation, food and meals, daily travel in Southampton, books, stationery, dissertation preparation and other items. Some courses may require an extra expense for material, use of laboratory equipment and final project.

The following table gives you an idea of the approximate cost of common items that you may need to pay for during your student life:

Costs estimated by the British Council
(per item)
Costs estimated by Hotcourses
Pub lunch £6 University Hall fees /
private accommodation rent
Fish and Chips £3 Mobile phone bill £300
Indian take-away meal £5-£10 Travel and transport £360
Cinema tickets £5-£10 Food and housekeeping £1,680
Jeans from Top Shop £35 Clothes and shoes £480
Premiership football match tickets £75-£100 Leisure and sport £300
Game of ten pin bowling £4 Books and stationery £480
Socialising £1,440
Other expenses £180

Part time work

Your student visa will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week during term time. Part time work can provide you with extra money for leisure activities but it should not interfere with your studies. Our temporary job agency, called the 'Temp Bank', offers part time temporary positions at the University.

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