CAA Policies and Procedures

University of Southampton CAA policies and procedures document

The University has a set of policies and procedures for the conduct of CAA tests which cover the full range of assessment applications from formative to summative including high stakes assessments such as University Examinations

The University's CAA policies and procedures document can be downloaded as a PDF document from the link on this page.

University of Southampton Regulations for Examinations

For CAA tests run as University Examinations, these CAA procedures should be read in conjunction with the University's regulations for examination Supervisors and Invigilators.

The Examinations Office maintains these documents and supplies copies to Supervisors and Invigilators of University Examinations.

Examinations Office

University of Southampton QA handbook

The University's quality assurance (QA) handbook provides guidance on all aspects of quality assurance at the University.

Those parts of the QA handbook which refer directly to CAA tests can be accessed from the links below:

2.3.2 University Policy on Assessment

3.2.2 Student Feedback

University of Southampton Calendar

The University Calendar contains information regarding the conduct of examinations.

Those parts of the University Calendar which refers directly to CAA tests can be accessed from the following link:

Section IV Examinations