International Relocation

If you are joining us from another country, our relocation partner Robinsons may be able to assist you with your relocation.



Providing information and advice

They will assess your needs and give you advice on all aspects of the relocation, from suitable areas to live in, to how to best spend your allowance from the University.

They will give you access to their detailed website, which will provide a wealth of useful information, including an explanation of the general Education system in the UK, lists of the schools in the Southampton area, the price of everyday commodities in the UK - in fact, anything at all that you might want to know about living and working in the UK.

We realise that there are many important considerations in relocating and they will assist you with many of these.

Visit the websites listed under 'Web links' in the right hand menu for more information on moving to Hampshire, as well as living and working here.

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