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Caroline Jones

LLB (Hons) PhD

Primary position:
Senior lecturer in Law
Other positions:
Director, Centre for Health Ethics and Law (HEAL)


The University of Southampton

I joined the Law School at Southampton in 2003. I had previously tutored and lectured part-time at Lancaster University whilst completing my PhD. My main areas of research and teaching focus on family law, health ethics and law, and tort law. I have a particular interest in the processes of production of both public policy and law, including methodological approaches to examining ‘hidden’ aspects of policy and law-making. In 2005, Jonathan Montgomery and I founded HEAL – the Health Ethics and Law research centre at the Law School, University of Southampton – and I am the current Director of HEAL.

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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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Research Interests

My research interests lie mainly at the intersection of family and health care law, but extend to aspects of tort law. I am especially interested in the processes of production of public policy and law and the impact on society.

I have previously explored social and legal constructions of kinship and parenthood, in the context of donor assisted conception, which led to considerations of ‘identity’ and the normative emphasis placed on, negotiated, or denied re bio-genetic ties in law, policy and by those using assisted reproductive technologies – including most recently in the debates around mitochondrial donation/transfer. My research into public policy formation has focused on the secondary data analysis of consultation responses, to explore the routes from the consultation to policy formation, in sensitive and controversial areas. More recently I have focused, with Hazel Biggs, on constructions of vulnerability and conflict of laws issues following cross-border surrogacy arrangements.

With Jonathan Montgomery and Hazel Biggs, I have been exploring the role of test cases in the development of health care law. This has led to a Modern Law Review sponsored seminar on 'Hidden Lawmakers: The Impact of Litigation Strategies on the Development of Health Care Law' (2011); and a Faculty of Business and Law sponsored colloquium on ‘The Impact of Intervenors’ Litigation Strategies in Health Care Law’ (2012). In 2013, as PI (with Jonathan Montgomery as the Co-I), I secured a British Academy/Leverhulme Trust small grant to consider ‘Test Case Biographies’ in this field.

I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in undertaking doctoral research, and from potential applicants interested in developing proposals for postdoctoral research positions at Southampton in any area related to my research.

Primary research group: Health Ethics and Law (HEAL)

Affiliate research group:  Centre for Law, Ethics and Globalisation


Director of HEAL
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Member Staff Student Liaison Committee
Member School Research Committee

Teaching Responsibilities

Convenor for the Law of Torts (LAWS2019)

Joint convenor for Family Law (LAWS3061)

Ethics in a Complex World (UOSM2009)


Dr Caroline Jones
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