Office Ergonomics

  • All new staff must attend the Office Ergonomics training session, and attend the re-training session every two years.
  • Checklists are issued for those working in offices who are not engaged specifically to handle loads.
  • Staff who regularly handle loads are advised by their supervisor as to the correct method of lifting. General booklets, posters and a checklist are available for reference.
  • Heavy/bulky items should be transported on a trolley or other suitable moving equipment, wherever possible. If loads need to be transferred between floors then the lift is the preferred method.
  • Those who handle loads as part of their job must undergo specific training. Courses can be arranged through the University's Training and Development Unit.
  • Casual staff who are employed to move loads must be advised on how to lift loads by their supervisors. A leaflet is given to all casual staff, and they are asked to read it prior to starting work. A booklet and checklist are available for reference by supervisors and staff.
  • Anyone suffering from back/arms/or upper body pain which may be related to manual handling techniques should report to their supervisors.

More information available on Manual Handling (HSP5) via theĀ SUSSED/Human Resources link.