News release

From the University Library

20 March 2006

Card entry system at Hartley

On Monday 27 March the Hartley Library will begin a pilot of its card entry system: to gain entry via the turnstiles you will need a University smart ID card. The pilot will run until the afternoon of Friday 21 April.

A system will be in place to allow access to visitors or to members of the University who do not have their Smartcard - it is our intention to improve security within the building, but not to discourage any legitimate users of the Library.


Card entry systems are being introduced gradually to buildings across the University - the Hartley Library has had the potential to operate a card entry system since the turnstiles were introduced in the recent refurbishment.

We have delayed the introduction of the system to allow us time to assess the impact of the changes to the foyer area of the Library. The delay also means that many more staff and students are familiar with card entry before we go live, since it will have already been introduced in buildings that they use.


The main benefit of the system is that it should improve security within the Hartley Library. Although the Library is in general a safe environment for our users, unfortunately thefts are not unheard of.

As items such as mobile phones, laptops and other items of personal electronic equipment become more popular, the temptation for thieves becomes ever greater. The card entry system should ensure that only members of the University, or visitors on genuine business in the Library, gain access.

University Smartcard

To enter the Library using the turnstiles you will need a University Smartcard (these have a microchip embedded in the card). All students should have been issued with a Smartcard, however some staff may have the old-style cards with a black magnetic strip on the back. These will need to be replaced with the new Smartcard.

If you do need to upgrade your card, or replace one that you've lost, you can do so by visiting the ID Studio.

Access without a card

It is not our intention to discourage any legitimate users of the Library. Any visitors or members of the University who do not have their card can go to the Reception Desk. On production of valid ID (e.g. credit cards, driving licence, passport) Reception Desk staff will grant you access via a bypass gate.

The Reception Desk will be staffed for all Library opening hours throughout the duration of the trial - however, we would encourage you to bring your card (if you have one), since turnstile entry will be quicker for you).