News release

From the University Library

13 July 2006

Hartley Library stock moves

Level 1

Much of the journals stock has been moved, or is shortly to be moved. The sequence will remain the same. Until the process is complete, some material has been temporarily displaced, but this can be retrieved on request at the Journals Support Desk. We are working to complete this process as quickly as possible.

The various sequences of reports (H Reports, T Reports, Company Reports) are currently in crates to allow shelving to be dismantled to enable the installation of mobile shelving at the south end of level 1. We apologise for any inconvenience which this will cause. Again, this material will be returned to the shelves as soon as possible.

Level 5

As the first stage of the refurbishment of level 5, many books will be moved to the mobile shelving on level 1, where they will remain until the refurbishment is completed. The stock affected is indicated in the table below

List of classmarks moving to level 1

This material will be moved in the period beginning 17 July. Following this, other material from the Turner Simms section of level 5 will be moved to the opposite end of level 5 to allow work to begin, the classmarks affected being:

This material will remain accessible in its new location for the next few weeks. Towards the end of August, all books currently on level 5 which are not in the list of those moving to level 1 will be subject to a fetching service whilst the refurbishment is in progress. Further details will be announced during August.

If you have any questions please contact the liaison librarians for the School of Humanities, or any library enquiry point.