News release

From the University Library

05 August 2009

Cancellation of Athens

The main University of Southampton subscription to Athens ceased completely on 31 July 2009. Smaller, separate Athens services relating specifically to medical and nursing staff and students are still available, but if you have a University of Southampton Athens username beginning with the three letters sot, this will have ceased to operate.

This also means that you will be unable to use your institutional (SUSSED) login via the small "Alternative login" link that is provided on the Athens login page.

We are now using a new direct institutional login system that bypasses Athens altogether. Where possible, off-campus links to databases from the library website go straight to the University login page. In other cases, especially if you are using e-journals off-campus, you may have to select your country or a "UK Access Management Federation" option first from a drop-down menu, and then browse or search for us in the resulting list of institutions. We should be listed as "University of Southampton" or otherwise "Southampton University".

This change will mainly affect users trying to access e-resources from home. Most of our suppliers allow unrestricted access to users on-campus because they have a list of the computer IP addresses that fall within the University domain. If you would like your home computer to be recognised without the need for a login, iSolutions have a facility called Virtual Private Networking (VPN). This allows you to route your calls through the University's network whilst still using your normal Internet service provider. This is very straightforward to set up, and is strongly recommended.

If you need further help or advice please don't hesitate to contact us. E-mail our electronic resources mailbox at or ring the Periodicals office on 023 8059 3860 (x23860 from campus).