ePrints Soton

ePrints Soton is the University of Southampton's Research Repository and contains a growing collection of literature from the University.

ePrints are electronic copies of any research output (journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, theses and other types of research publications even multimedia). They may include unpublished manuscripts and papers. The full text of many of these items is freely available to be used in accordance with copyright and end-user permissions.

In 2006 the University mandated all research to be recorded in ePrints Soton and since 2008 all PhD and MPhil theses have also been deposited.

Why you should deposit

  • Archiving a copy of your research in ePrints makes your work available as Open Access, i.e. it is free to all readers at the point of use.
  • Open Access makes your research available to far more people than a subscription-only journal article does. There is evidence that this can lead to an increase in citations of your work.
  • Open Access encourages public engagement with research, which is often paid for out of public money.
  • Your funding body may have a mandate which requires you to make your research available in an Open Access source.
  • The University of Southampton has a Policy on Self–Archiving and Open Access Provision, which requires you to upload a version of your article into ePrints where possible.
  • REF2020: HEFCE is seeking advice on developing an Open Access policy for the next REF exercise.

User guides and documentation

You can find out more about ePrints and how to contact ePrints Soton