Theses: formatting your thesis

Note that the regulations about the layout and formatting of your thesis are contained in the Completion of Research Degree Candidature booklet. The templates provided below match these requirements.


University of Southampton thesis Word templates

Whole thesis template

Use this to produce the whole thesis in one long Word document. It contains all of the required sections from title page to bibliography, with refreshable Tables of Contents, Table of Figures and Table of Tables.

Word 2007 or 2010 for PC or Word 2008 or 2011 for Mac template

Word 97, 2000, 2003 for PC or Word 2004 for Mac template 

Chapter template

2007 or 2010 for PC or Word 2008 or 2011 for Mac chapter template

If you don’t wish use the whole document template then use this to create each chapter of the thesis. It comes ready made with usable styles that meet the University’s thesis Guidance requirements.

Front matter

University of Southampton thesis front matter template.
If you are not using the whole thesis template then use this file to create the structure of the front matter for your thesis; from the title page to the declaration of authorship.

Word 2007 or 2010 for PC or Word 2008 or 2011 for Mac front matter template

Word 97, 2000, 2003 for PC or Word 2004 for Mac front matter template

Using the UoS thesis template

A series of videos which introduce the Word template for theses and show you how to use a range of useful Word features to make creating and working with your thesis easier.

Thesis guidance videos - PC

Thesis guidance videos - Mac

LaTeX Thesis Templates
These templates are designed for ECS, ORC and Physics.

Guidance pages about LaTeX from the School of Electronics and Computer Science.

These two resources will help you use the LaTeX document processing system to create your thesis. LaTeX is extensively used by engineers and scientists because it handles maths and equations brilliantly, and by linguists because it can cope with multiple (and obscure) languages.

Creating long documents in Word

How to format your thesis using Microsoft Word
Seminars and videos giving an introduction to the advantages offered by the University’s template and a range of useful Microsoft Word features.

Three ways to create a long document
Find out the best way to use Word to create a thesis.

Converting your thesis to a PDF file

The University requires you to submit your thesis as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Using Word on PC or Mac:
You can convert a Word document to a PDF file using any iSolutions workstation. Simply use File - Save As and change the file type to PDF. Use Options to ensure Bookmarks are created

Using a Mac:
If you have an Apple Mac then you can easily create a copy of your document in PDF format directly from iWork Pages.

What you do is to print a copy of the document to a PDF file - so select Print from the File menu (or press <Command-P>), then click the PDF button and choose Save as PDF.

Using LateX:
If you use LaTeX then you are by definition technically savvy and already know about saving as PDF. The system will naturally do a superb job of handling all the long-document features, such as pagination, figure numbering and tables of contents.

Using Open Office:
Open Office is the free open-source alternative to Microsoft Office, available for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux PCs. Simply choose Export as PDF from the File menu.