About the Parkes Library

The Parkes Library was originally the private library of Revd. Dr James Parkes (1896-1981) who devoted his life to investigating and combating the problem of anti-Semitism. It was transferred to Southampton University Library in 1964 and now consists of over 27,000 items, ranging from early printed books to recent publications. The focus of the collection is the relationship between Jewish and non-Jewish communities and its strengths lie in the following areas:

Anti-Semitism - studies of anti-Semitism throughout history, with examples of anti-Semitic propaganda, including a collection of Right-wing Periodicals

Jewish-Arab Relations - political relations between the Palestinians and Israelis and between Israel and the Arab countries of the Middle East

Jewish-Christian Relations - studies of the history of relations between the two faiths, including aspects of conversion and dialogue throughout the ages

Jewish history - ranging from detailed studies of individual communities to broad surveys of Jewish history

The Holocaust - histories of the Holocaust, diaries and testimonies of victims and survivors, the historiography of the Holocaust and its portrayal iin literature and art

Palestine - history of the Jews during the Second Temple Period, descriptions of travels to the Holy Land, history under the British Mandate

Zionism - history and philosophy of the different forms of Zionism, writings of prominent Zionists and opposition to Zionism