Using the Parkes Library


The Parkes Library is part of Special Collections which is on level 4 of the Hartley Library. It is open to anyone to use. If you do not have a University I.D. card, you will need to show a form of photographic I.D. at Library Reception Desk.


All Parkes books and journals are included in WebCat, the online catalogue. WebCat Help shows the most effective ways to search the catalogue. For basic searches, enter a subject term or the author's surname and a word or two from the title as a keyword search. Use the Advanced Searches options for a more detailed search or if you want to limit a search by date or language.

WebCat shows how many copies of a book the library holds, their call numbers, locations, loan periods and whether copies are on loan. Books which are in demand are often moved to the Course Collections either at the Avenue Library or the Hartley Library. These changes will be shown on WebCat.

Arrangement of stock

Books and journals with the call number prefix Parkes are shelved in the Special Collections open access area and can be used whenever the Hartley Library is open. The books are arranged in call number order as follows:

Call Number Subject 
BZ 1 Language
BZ 61-95 Bible
BZ 511-1356 Judaism
BZ 1531-1591 Jewish culture
BZ 1601-2801 Jewish history
BZ 2511-2931 Middle East - Arab-Jewish relations
BZ 3011-4471  Palestine - Zionism 
BZ 4511-5561   Israel
BZ 6011-6016  Biography 
BZ 6031-6061   Jewish social history 
BZ 7051-7921  Jewish-Christian relations 
BZ 8011-8296   Anti-Semitism 
BZ 8451-8461  Racial conflict

Larger books (quartos) are shelved separately at the end of the main sequence.

Journals are shelved in alphabetical order of title, following the book sequence. Many Parkes journals are available as full text electronic journals. Check WebCat or the Parkes E-Journals for more information.

Books and journals with the call number prefix Rare Books Parkes are fetched for use in the Archives and Rare Books Search Room, which is open Monday - Friday 09.30-17.00. Appointments are not normally required, but you will need to show I.D. on entering the Search Room. Material cannot be produced, without prior arrangement between 12.00 and 13.00.

You can request material:

  • By phoning the Search Room on 023 8059 2721 or ext. 22721
  • By emailing
  • By visiting the Search Room and completing a request slip

Microforms are kept in the Microform Services Area on level 1. They are arranged by copy number e.g. 40001765. A range of microfilm / microfiche readers is available and you can also copy or scan microfilm material using the reader-printers. A University login is required for scanning. See the Parkes Microform List for collections related to Jewish Studies.

Borrowing books

You can borrow books at the Loans Desk on level 2 or at the self-issue units on levels 2 and 3. Most Parkes Library books are for Long loan or 1 week loan. Books moved to the Course Collections are due for return by 10.00 the following day.

If you are not a member of the University you can apply for an External Borrower's Card directly or by becoming a member of the Friends of the Parkes Library 


The nearest photocopiers are behind the main stairs on Level 4 and the charges are 5p per A4 sheet and 10p for A3. If you are not a member of the University, you will need to go to the Photocopying area on level 2 to create a Guest Account and then add credit to this account by using the Money Loaders, also on level 2. The loaders take 50p, £1 and £2 coins, notes and debit/credit cards.

Bound volumes in the rare books area cannot be photocopied, but you can request photographic or microfilm copies, subject to the age and condition of the item.