Course Collection Digitisation

CLA Photocopying and Scanning Higher Education Licence.

The University has signed up to the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) licence that permits us to digitise print copies of journal articles and book chapters (with some exceptions). Details of this licence can be found at: CLA Photocopying and Scanning HE Licence.

The University Library is using this licence to provide electronic documents from printed materials for core texts normally held as part of our course collections.

What is involved:

  • Check that the material is covered by the licence
  • Check the material is not already available electronically (for example as an e-journal)
  • Obtain the materials from stock (or attempt to acquire a copy from a supplier such as the British Library)
  • Arrange for the materials to be scanned and turned into text PDF files 
  • Store the materials ready for access via WebCat
  • Collect and submit the required information to the CLA
  • Advise on the removal of materials as required by request or licence

What can be scanned?

How much can be digitised?

What information is required?

Contact details

University staff & students planning to scan their own materials

What can be scanned?

Material published by participating publishers from countries on the CLA list of International Territories, in line with the limitations below. However, not all publishers have signed up to the licence.  Checks will need to be made that the work to be digitised does not appear on the CLA List of excluded categories and works.

Copies can be made from:

  • Material held in the Library
  • Copyright cleared copies requested as interlibrary loans for addition to stock
  • Other source material for which permission has been granted 
  • A personally owned copy of a book or article, provided that the University also owns a copy

Copies cannot be made from:

  • Works in the List of excluded categories and works 
  • Inspection or proof copies of books 
  • Reprints or offprints of articles 
  • Items obtained via inter-library loan for your own private use 
  • Electronic books and journal articles

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the current edition of a book should be used.

Please note that the licence applies to scanning from paper originals, and does not licence the storage of chapters from electronic books or articles from electronic journals.

How much can be digitised?

The same limits apply to scanning as to photocopying:

  • Up to 5% or one chapter of a book (whichever is the greater) 
  • Up to 5% or one article of a single journal issue (whichever is the greater) 
  • Up to 5% or one paper from a conference proceedings (whichever is the greater)

Whole page images or disembedded images may also be scanned.

If additional material from the same book or journal article is required, or you require digitised material that is not covered by the licence e.g. it is published outside the UK, it will be necessary to obtain copyright clearance (which could involve an inter-library loan request to the British Library copyright fee paid service or contacting the publisher direct - which is likely to involve additional cost).

The following information is also required:

  • Course name 
  • Course number 
  • Number of students taking the course 
  • Duration of the course in weeks 
  • Date item required for 
  • Bibliographic details of the material digitised

As part of the licence agreement we need to provide all of this information to the CLA.

Contact details:

To discuss or make requests for the addition of digitised texts to course collections please contact course collection staff direct. Full details are available from our course collections page. 

University staff & students planning to scan their own materials:

Those not wishing to use the Library Digitisation Service but who wish to scan permitted materials need to read the terms of the CLA Photocopying and Scanning HE Licence and check the CLA List of excluded categories and works on the CLA website.

Each item scanned requires a copyright coversheet to be added.  Please use the same copyright coversheet as that used by the Library Digitisation Service.  

Due to legislation requirements relating to accessibility, it is recommended to scan at the highest possible quality.

It is essential in order to comply with the licence to collect the following information:

  • Course name 
  • Course number 
  • Number of students taking the course 
  • Duration of the course in weeks 
  • Bibliographic details of the material digitised

This information must be forwarded to the Library for submission to the CLA.  The CLA will conduct an audit every twelve months.

Scanned copies must be preserved in their original form, and must not be altered in any way except in the interests of creating accessible copies for anyone with a visual impairment.

Scanned documents must be removed when they are no longer required for a particular course unless the same course is going to be offered again in the near future (e.g. next session).

CLA Photocopying and Scanning HE Licence