Journals for ocean and earth science: A to Z

This page contains a collection of useful ejournals for ocean and earth science, that cover most research areas that are available online.

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Titles: A
ejournals  Print at NOL 

AAPG Bulletin

Print at NOL

Acta oecologica

Acta zoologica

Admiralty notices to mariners

Print at NOL

Advances in environmental research incorporated into Journal of environmental management

Advances in geosciences


Advances in space research

Advances in water resources

African journal of ecology


Print at NOL

American mineralogist

Print at NOL

American Museum novitates (publisher)

American Museum novitates (DOAJ)

Print at NOL

American naturalist (publisher 1997 -)

American naturalist (JSTOR)

Analyst (Royal Society of Chemistry) (publisher)

Print at NOL

Analyst (mathematics)

Analytica chimica acta

Print at NOL

Analytical chemistry

Animal behaviour

Animal genetics

Annals of glaciology


Annales de paléontologie

Print at NOL

Annales geophysicae

Print at NOL

Annales des sciences naturelles - Zoologie et biologie animale (Title discontinued as of 2001)


Annual review of cell and developmental biology


Annual review of earth and planetary sciences

Print at NOL

Annual review of ecology, evolution and systematics (publisher)

Annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics (JSTOR) (Formerly: Annual review of ecology and systematics)


Annual review of environment and resources


Annual review of fish diseases (Incorportated into Aquaculture)


Annual review of fluid mechanics

Print at NOL

Annual review of genetics


Annual review of microbiology


Annual review of marine science


Applied acoustics


Applied and environmental microbiology

Print at NOL

Applied clay science


Applied earth science: IMM Transactions section B

Print at NOL

Applied geochemistry


Applied mathematical modelling


Applied ocean research

Print at NOL

Applied optics


Applied physics letters


Applied radiation and isotopes


Aquacultural engineering




Aquaculture economics and management

Aquaculture nutrition  
Aquaculture research  

Aquatic botany


Aquatic ecology

Print at NOL

Aquatic ecosystem health and management (1998-2000)

Aquatic ecosystem health and management (2001 - )


Aquatic living resources

Print at NOL

Aquatic microbial ecology

Print at NOL

Aquatic toxicology

Print at NOL



Atmospheric environment


Atoll research bulletin 


Australian journal of earth sciences


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