Using the photocopying and inter–library loans services

Much current material is only available in journal articles or reports. Much of this material is available in the Library, but some will only be obtainable through the .

We make a distinction between material held in the Library and material for which the Library will need to apply externally.

Items held in the Library

WebCat will tell you whether the Library subscibes to a particular periodical or journal, and its availability. All journals are reference use only.

Using the journal collections needs some forward planning and a personal visit to the appropriate site. There are self-service MFDs in all the Libraries which do both photocopying and printing from iSolutions workstations.

When planning a visit to the Library:

  • Try to check the catalogues online before you come, and note the site and call number for each item.
  • Check details of  at each site. These vary between sites and change between vacation and term. Loan material may be borrowed during Serviced hours. Browsing, consultation and photocopying is available throughout Opening hours, but photocopying MFDs are switched off 15 minutes before closing time.
  • Consider ringing your home site Library before your visit to ensure that there are no special circumstances which may pose problems for you.
  • We are sorry we cannot collect items for you from the shelves in advance of your visit. If you have not used the Library before, ask at the enquiry desk when you arrive for some maps and general orientation. This will save you time.

Photocopying is bound by restrictions imposed by copyright law. You must familiarise yourself with the requirements to observe copyright which are posted next to each photocopying MFD machine.

Inter-Library Loans

The  handles applications for items not held in stock at any of the libraries. The Library pays a charge for each loan received, and each Faculty / academic unit has a budget.

The service is free at the point of use and there is no charge to you. A quota system operates. You can find your quota on the  web page.

You do not need to visit the Library to place an Interlibrary Loan request as requests are made via WebCat. Here are some suggestions on making the best use of the service:

  • Check your ILL quota.
  • Check the catalogues online to ensure the items are not in stock in the Library. Requests for items in stock will not be processed.
  • Use WebCat to submit requests.
  • Books, reports and lengthy periodical articles (usually more than 50 pages) will be supplied as items to be borrowed and returned. You must be able to visit the Library to collect this material, although you can return it by post.
  • Shorter articles (usually less than 50 pages) will usually be supplied online as scanned items.

Electronic resources

Increasingly material is appearing in electronic form accessible directly via the Library website. A  is available on our website. This includes both a list of electronic journals and information on how to access them.

Some electronic resources are only available to University of Southampton users using VPN connection to the University network, or workstations in the University itself (see: ).