Southampton Management School

International links recognised

9 May 2011

The Management School's split-site PhD programme with IMSciences in Peshawar, Pakistan has now been recognised by Pakistan's Higher Education Council (HEC) and the British Council (BC).

Funding from the HEC/BC Inspire Strategic Partnerships scheme will support a range of activities. They include curriculum development in entrepreneurship and innovation, split-site PhD students in this area, a research project based on knowledge transfer, small business development and regional development in Peshawar and more visits by both students and academics.

The proposal was developed by Dr Lorraine Warren and Dr Mine Karatas-Ozkan with the assistance of Muhammad Nouman from IMSciences who is currently studying for his PhD under the split site programme.

“We at IMSciences always hoped our relationship with the University of Southampton would go beyond the split-site PhD programme,” says Nouman. “We are delighted to embark on more joint ventures over the next three years.”