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Dr Dennis Dreesen 

Marie Curie research fellow

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Dr Dennis Dreesen is Marie Curie research fellow within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.





Research interests

I am a member of the pure mathematics group. I am active in geometric group theory and am particularly interested in coarse embeddings of groups into Banach spaces and affine isometric actions of groups on Banach spaces.

My research in the 1000 most used words of the English language:
People used to think that our world was not round, but this is definitely not true! The best way to see this, is by simply looking at a picture of the world from outer space. So, to check that the world is round, you could think of the world as lying in a bigger space, in this case outer space, and from there, you can easily see that it is round!

My interests have much to do with the above story. I try to study a thing, let me call it A, that we call a group. If A is not well known, then I try to find a bigger space in which A lies. Then, from what I know of the bigger space, I can try to understand A a little bit better.


Dr Dennis Dreesen
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