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Professor Tim Sluckin 

Professor of Applied Mathematics

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Professor Tim Sluckin is Professor within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.






Research interests

Statistical mechanics, in particular theory of liquid crystals

Liquid crystals have been a major focus of work in Southampton for over 40 years. The Southampton group also includes Emeritus Professors Geoffrey Luckhurst and Jim Emsley (Chemistry), Professor Malgosia Kaczmarek (Physics), and Dr Giampaolo D’Alessandro (Mathematics).

  • Theoretical ecology
  • Mathematical anthropology

History of Science

I have authored a number of books on the history of liquid crystals, including

Crystals that flow: classic papers from the history of liquid crystals” (co-authored with David Dunmur and Horst Stegemeyer) (Taylor and Francis 2004), and

Soap, Science and Flat Screen TVs: a history of liquid crystals”(co-authored with David Dunmur ) (Oxford University Press 2010)

For more details of current research, see personal page

Research group(s)

Applied Mathematics

Affiliate research group(s)

Computational Applied Mathematics, Mathematics in Biology and Medicine

Research project(s)

Computational Human Sciences

Computational Multiscale Modelling

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Stochastic Processes in Biology

Mathematical Optical Physics

Mathematical Modelling

Liquid Crystals and Classical Optics

Outreach; Staff Development and Training.



Book Section(s)


MATH1002 Mathematical modelling
MATH3072 Biological Fluid Dynamics


Semester 1
MATH2021 Mathematics for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
(shared with Dr Giles Richardson)

Semester 2
MATH 3052 Mathematical Population Biology
MATH 2044 Vector Calculus and applications

Professor Tim Sluckin
Mathematics University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ Room: Building 54 Room 6017

Room Number: 54/6017

Telephone: (023) 8059 3680
Facsimile: (023) 8059 5147

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