Mathematical Sciences


Quantum leap as Southampton joins £120 million network to develop future quantum technology

26 November 2014

The University of Southampton is part of a new £120 million national network of Quantum Technology Hubs that will put its cutting-edge research in quantum sensors at the forefront of future technologies to drive the UK's economy.

New Maths Student Centre open

3 November 2014

A state-of-the-art Centre, exclusively for Mathematical Sciences students was officially opened at the University of Southampton this week.

Students find out about actuarial careers

21 October 2014

The student-run Southampton University Actuarial Society (SUAS) has held its fourth annual careers fair.

National recognition for Southampton student

30 September 2014

A University of Southampton Mathematics Operational Research graduate is celebrating after being recognised for the quality of his MSc student dissertation in a national competition.

Brand new Mathematical Sciences Student Centre to open in October

12 August 2014

Work has begun on a new Mathematical Sciences Student Centre as a home for undergraduates at the Mathematical Sciences department at the University.

University of Southampton Mathematics Challenge 2014

10 June 2014

Nearly a thousand students from 38 schools have taken part in the University of Southampton Mathematics Challenge and Senior Mathematics Challenge this year.

Joining forces with industry to help educate postgraduate students

2 June 2014

More than 70 postgraduates on MSc Operational Research and allied degree programmes in Management Science and Finance have been finding out about potential summer projects from more than 30 companies and organisations offering three month placements in 2014. Each one is an opportunity for a student to gain a real insight into how these analytical management techniques are used in the workplace and a chance for them to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Mathematics Senior Lecturer Gerard Kennedy’s research featured in Actuary Magazine

16 May 2014

This feature article summarises a recent analysis by cause of sickness of UK income protection (IP) insurance claims, and the implications for insurers, undertaken by the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) Income Protection Committee (published as CMI Working Paper 72). Analysis by cause is essential to the proper actuarial modelling and management of IP business and enables accurate pricing of products, efficient reserving and improved management of claims in payment, and better informed product development.

How Mathematics can make the difference to Formula 1 success

6 May 2014

There is more to winning Formula 1 races than having the best driver. Teams also need the best information to make judgements on the day. University of Southampton Mathematics graduate Neil Martin uses his analytical skills every day in his job as Head of Strategy for Ferrari.

European Space Agency appoints Maths researcher

15 April 2014

In November last year, the first Optimisation in Space Engineering Workshop was held at the University of Birmingham, jointly organised by Universities Southampton, Birmingham, Cambridge, and the European Space Agency (ESA). Following this, Mathematical Science’s Professor Joerg Fliege was invited as to become a visiting researcher for the ESA.