Media guide to expertise - our experts

Our world-leading academics can provide up-to-date comment/commentary on a wide range of subjects and activities which reflect the University’s key areas of expertise.

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Surname Forename Title
Ashburn Ann Professor
Bahaj AbuBakr Professor
Baldwin David Professor
Biggs Hazel Professor
Boxhall Simon Dr
Bridges Jackie Dr
Brown Tom Professor
Bullock Seth Professor
Burridge Jane Professor
Byfield Michael Dr
Carare Roxana Dr
Chaplin John Professor
Clarke Ian Professor
Coe Malcolm Professor
Conway Joy Professor
Cooper Cyrus Professor
Copley Jon Dr
Corner Jessica Professor
Earl Graeme Dr
Falkingham Jane Professor
Faust Saul Dr
Fender Rob Professor
Glennie Martin Professor
Godfrey Keith Professor
Griffiths Peter Professor
Hall Wendy Professor Dame
Harris Bernard Professor
Harvey Nick Dr
Higgs Malcolm Professor
Holden-Dye Lindy Professor
Holgate Stephen Professor
Hanson Mark Professor
Hossain Parwez Dr
Johnson Peter Professor
Keay Simon Professor
Kelso Alexandra Dr
Keevil Bill Professor
Kushner Tony Professor
Leighton Tim Professor
Lewis Hugh Dr
Lotery Andrew Professor
Lucas Cathy Dr
Lucassen Anneke Professor
Maguire Nick Dr
Marti John Dr
McNeil Lisa Dr
Metcalf Cheryl Dr
Montgomery Jonathan Professor
Nixon Mark Professor
Martinez Kirk Dr
Pathak Pathik Dr
Payne David Professor
Poppy Guy Professor
Powrie William Professor
Preston John Professor
Rholing Eelco Professor
Richardson David Professor
Shadbolt Nigel Professor
Shenoi Ajit Professor
Shepherd John Professor
Sheron Nick Dr
Smith Adrian Dr
Stevenage Sarah Dr
Stevens Alisa Dr
Stoker Gerry Professor
Stokes Maria Professor
Stoyle Mark Professor
Tavassoli Ali Dr
Taylor Gail Professor
Turnock Steve Professor
Tyler Paul Professor
Webber Craig Dr
Werner Richard Professor
Wilkinson Tom Dr
Wilson Phillip Professor
Woolgar Chris Professor