Southampton in the news

Some of the stories featuring University of Southampton staff and students that are making the news in April 2014. If you see coverage of the University that you think should be included here, please contact the media relations team in Communications and Marketing 023 8059 3212, email

Big bonuses don't mean big donations

Research by Dr Mirco Tonin from Economics which shows that people who earn big bonuses are less likely to give to charity has featrued in The Times, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, Boston Standard, Belfast Telegraph, The Scotsman and numerous regional papers around the UK.

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Missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Oceanographer Dr Simon Boxall gave a number of interviews to global media outlets on the latest developments in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. He spoke to BBC Breakfast, BBC national news, BBC News Channel, BBC World Service TV, ITN News, Channel 4 News, Sky (five interviews), CNN (four times), CBC (Canada), TV 2 Denmark, CTV (China), BBC Radio Four, BBC Five Live and his comments appeared on and in numerous TV, radio and newspapers around the world.

Dr Jon Copley, a senior lecturer in marine ecology, talked about deep-sea envioronments on BBC's Today Programme (listen here at 49 minutes), BBC World Service and BBC Radio Scotland.

Sand pollution

Pollution levels rose over the UK during the first week of April, raising concerns about the effects on people’s health. Dr Matt Loxham, who conducts research into the effects of pollution and sand on the respiratory system, commented on the situation. He was quoted in the Guardian and MSN News.

Expert comment on transgenerational effects of smoking on health

Dr Graham Burdge offered his expert opinion on a study which claimed to show an association between smoking in boys /men and obesity in their future offspring, finding that boys who started smoking aged under 11 years tended to have fatter sons than did men who started smoking at a later age or who did not smoke at all, and that daughters were not affected in the same way.

Dr Burdge’s comments were picked up by Reuters and BMJ News.

Is laughter the best medicine?

Research from Health Sciences shows that using cartoons in patient information helps patients cope and understand more about their conditions. Coverage included BBC South Today, BBC Radio Solent and the Daily Mail.

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Alzheimer’s research

Professor Hugh Perry presented research at the Alzheimer’s Research UK conference which said inflammation in the brain caused by systemic infections could drive the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The Telegraph and the Daily Echo covered the story.

Read more about what Southampton research was presented at the conference here.

UK has lowest tertiary education dropout rate in EU

A study by social statistician Professor Sylke Schnepf has shown the UK has the lowest tertiary education dropout rate of 14 EU countries. The research was covered in the Times Higher Education and The Conversation.

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Autumn ends later

Research by Geography Professor Pete Atkinson using satellite data to examine seasonal vegetation growth in the northern hemisphere has shown our Autumn is ending later and Spring starting slightly earlier. The story was covered in the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Irish Independent, The Australian, the Southern Daily Echo and by ITV Meridian and CBC public broadcasting in Canada. The research was also picked up by other numerous regional media organisations worldwide.

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THE feature

The University, and its new developments in research, industry partnerships and education, was the subject of a feature in the Times Higher Education.


IPCC climate change report

Robert Nicholls, Professor of Coastal Engineering, and Dr Sally Brown, Research Fellow in Engineering and the Environment, were both interviewed by BBC Radio Five Live about the IPCC report on climate change. Professor Nicholls's comments were also reported by over 25 regional BBC radio stations and he gave an interview to BBC Radio 4's Inside Science.

Read about our contribution to the IPCC report.

Bonus research

Bonus research

Dr Mirco Tonin's research suggests people with bigger bonuses don't give more to charity

Cartoons help patients cope

Cartoons help patients cope

New research by Prof Anne Kennedy