Southampton in the news

Some of the stories featuring University of Southampton staff and students that are making the news in September 2014. If you see coverage of the University that you think should be included here, please contact the media relations team in Communications and Marketing 023 8059 3212, email

Wild berries may help boost chemotherapy

A wild berry native to North America called Chokeberries, may strengthen the effectiveness of a chemotherapy drug commonly used to treat pancreatic cancer. The research was featured prominently in the media including outlets such as BBC News online, The Daily Telegraph, the Scotsman, ITV News, Nature World News, Yahoo News UK, the Daily Echo and BBC Radio Solent.

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The Scottish vote

Many of the University’s researchers appeared in various media speaking about the Scottish referendum for independence. Dr Jonathan Havercroft appeared on BBC Radio 5Live, Wave 105 and BBC Radio Solent; Professor Gerry Stoker was interviewed on BBC Radio Solent and Dr Alix Kelso also appeared on BBC Radio Solent and wrote a piece for The Conversation.



Dr Nick Maguire appeared in ITV Meridian speaking about why people have phobias and how they develop. The interview was in relation to a story about an increase in spiders.


Antarctic sea levels on the rise

Research by oceanographer Craig Rye into rising sea levels around Antarctica featured on the BBC News website, Yahoo News, The Japan Times and a number of other websites. Craig was also interviewed on BBC Radio Solent’s drive time programme.

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Film and English research on The Film Review

Research into the role of women behind the camera in the film industry has been highlighted in the BBC programme The Film Review. Professor Linda Ruth Williams and Dr Shelley Cobb were recently awarded a grant to investigate the subject.

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Double bill documentaries for archaeologists

Archaeology has featured in two major documentaries in the same week on US and UK television. The Portus Project, led by Professor Simon Keay, was part of Ancient Impossible: Extreme Engineering, which aired on the History Channel in America. Meanwhile, James Miles' research into the Easter Island statue of Hoa Hakananai'a featured on the More4 programme Treasures Decoded.

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The Conversation

A number of Southampton academics have been contributing articles and opinion pieces on some of today's topical issues to the news and opinion website, The Conversation. Dr Kamil Zwolski, Lecturer in Global Politics and Policy, discussed EU sanctions in Russia; Roxana Carare, Associate Professor in Medicine, talked about the University's interdisciplinary research approach to tackling dementia; and Dr Cathy Lucas, a Lecturer in Marine Biology, examined the case of an unusual jellyfish invasion on the west coast of America.

Jellyfish journeys

Dr Cathy Lucas, Lecturer in Marine Biology, appeared in National Geographic Weird and Wild, the French newspaper Sud-Ouest and Science News talking about the importance of jellyfish to the world's marine ecosystems.

Dementia funding

ITV Meridian and The Daily Echo both reported on new funding for an Alzheimer’s Research UK Network Centre, which was established by the University.

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Cleaning up space junk

Space debris expert, Dr Hugh Lewis, gave expert comment to New Scientist on a new scheme to help clean up space junk.