David Kingdon

MD, FRCPsych

Primary position:
Professor of Mental Health Care Delivery


The University of Southampton

David Kingdon is Professor of Mental Health Care Delivery at the University of Southampton, UK, and honorary consultant adult psychiatrist for Southern Health NHS Trust. He has previously worked as Medical Director for Nottingham Health Care Trust and Senior Medical Officer (Severe Mental Illness) in the UK Department of Health. He now does policy and implementation work for NHS England and is editor of their mental health websites.  He chaired the Expert Working Group leading to the Council of Europe’s Recommendation 2004(10) on Psychiatry and Human Rights (1996-2003). His research interests are in cognitive therapy of severe mental health conditions and mental health service development on which he has published over 150 papers, chapters and five books translated into languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Greek, Italian, and French. He is currently working on a number of studies funded by MRC (EME programme – WIT & REFRAMED), NIHR (DIALOG+, VOLUME, M4V & COMET), HTA (FOCUS), DoH, US Veterans Administration, Chinese Government & NIMH (RAISE) into cognitive therapy in the US, China, & UK and into the development of mental health care pathways and commissioning tools.
He has given invited lectures and workshops in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, China, Japan and Korea. 'He received the Aaron T Beck award for exceptional cognitive therapy in 2015.'



MD University of Sheffield 1996
Fellow of Royal College of Psychiatrists 2008

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Book Section

Kingdon, David, Ashcroft, Katie and Turkington, Douglas (2008) Cognitive behavioural therapy for persecutory delusions: three case examples. In, Freeman, Daniel, Bentall, Richard and Garety, Philippa (eds.) Persecutory Delusions: Assessment, Theory, and Treatment. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 393-410.

Conference or Workshop Item

Rathod, Shanaya, Kingdon, David, Phiri, Peter and Gobbi, Mary (2009) Developing culturally sensitive cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis for ethnic minority patients. In, 10th Annual International CBT For Psychosis Conference Program, Philadelphia, USA, 21 - 23 May 2009.




Research Interests

Over the past couple of decades, Professor Kingdon has worked with colleagues to develop techniques for treating patients with psychosis using cognitive behaviour therapy. These have been highlighted in a RAND retrosight report on research into mental health. A programme into mental health services is also on going involving review of service developments, nationally and internationally, including Mental Health legislation and classification. He is currently working on MRC studies examining novel treatments in psychosis (WIT – Worry Intervention Trial) and treatment-resistant depression (REFRAMED), NIHR-funded RfPB projects on Communication in psychosis & Mindfulness groups and a Programme grant developing an user-centred intervention (DIALOG+); international studies include NIMH RAISE trial (in early psychosis), and study of CBT for psychosis in Beijing (funded by Chinese government) and in veterans in LA (VA-funded).

Academic unit:  Clinical and Experimental Sciences Academic Units

Affiliate academic units:  Clinical Neuroscience Research group

Research project


REFRAMED is the study acronym for REFRActory depression - Mechanisms and Efficacy of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.


Responsible for BMedSci students attached in mental health placements

Teaching Responsibilities

International and National lectures & workshops on cognitive therapy and mental health service delivery.

Teaching medical students in years 2-5.


Professor David Kingdon
University Department of Psychiatry
Academic Centre, College Keep
4 - 12 Terminus Terrace
SO14 3DT

Phone: +44 (0) 23 8071 8520
Fax: +44 (0) 23 8071 8532

Room Number: College Keep