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Curtailing worry reduces key schizophrenia symptom

4 March 2015

Just six sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can substantially reduce psychiatric patients’ levels of worrying, which in turn reduces the severity of delusions of persecution, a new clinical trial has found.

Doctors find eating peanut during infancy can prevent development of peanut allergy

24 February 2015

Doctors in Southampton are part of a team of researchers who have found that introducing peanut into an infant's diet within the first 11 months of life can prevent peanut allergy in those at high risk.

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Female diet alters the nutrient composition of fluid in the womb

18 February 2015

Scientists at the University of Southampton have discovered that maternal diet affects the nutrient composition of fluid in the womb of women and thus may aid in the development of nutritional interventions to support the very earliest stages of pregnancy.

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Southampton researchers identify new genetic causes for cleft lip and/or palate

12 February 2015

A collaboration between researchers at the University of Southampton and La Sabana University in Bogota, Colombia, has enabled the discovery of new genetic causes for three conditions associated with syndromes involving cleft lip and palate.

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Infant gut microbiota linked with gestation duration, delivery method and healthy weight gain

4 February 2015

Researchers in Singapore and the UK, as part of the EpiGen consortium, worked together with scientists at the Nestlé Research Center, Switzerland, on a new study into the bacterial makeup of the gut (gut microbiota) of infants in Singapore.

University academics are set to explore whether bath additives are the right treatment for children with eczema

4 February 2015

Over 400 children in primary care are being recruited to take part in a study which aims to determine the clinical and cost-effectiveness of using bath emollients for childhood eczema.

Improving health before pregnancy could be key to the prevention of childhood obesity

2 February 2015

A new study from the University of Southampton adds to a growing body of evidence that links a child’s early environment before and soon after birth to their chance of becoming obese later in life.

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Manipulating modulation in the fight against cancer

29 January 2015

Research into cancer therapeutics has recently taken another step forward with further elucidation of how a certain class of drugs work and the mechanisms which limit their efficacy.

Southampton researchers tackle Alzheimer’s clinical trials failure

15 January 2015

Researchers in Southampton are tackling one of the biggest questions in dementia research; why might current approaches in Alzheimer’s trials be failing? The new study is published in the Journal of Pathology and funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Medical Research Council.

University staff recognised in Queen’s New Year Honours List

30 December 2014

Two members of staff from the University of Southampton have been recognised in the Queen’s New Year Honours List.