Southampton helps develop e-learning resource for public health professionals

22 August 2014

Along with colleagues from Public Health England, Dr Johanna Jefferies, Specialty Registrar in Public Health, Oxford Deanery and Honorary Lecturer for the Academic Unit of Clinical and Experimental Sciences at Southampton, has played a major in role in the development of "e-PathGen" an e-learning resource for public health professionals and others.

Image from summer school

LifeLab hosts Summer School

22 August 2014

Recently forty students, aged 8-10yrs, from across the South of England, attended the Summer School in LifeLab.

Image of Professor Robert Read

Vaccines can cut the spread of meningitis by nearly 40 per cent

19 August 2014

Investigators at the University of Southampton have discovered that two new vaccines can prevent the transmission of meningitis bacteria from person to person.

image shows lung destruction TB

New study to improve tuberculosis treatments

8 August 2014

The University of Southampton has been awarded $1.4 million (approximately £833,260) to develop new treatments to fight tuberculosis.

University scientist testing innovative new method to work out cancer patients’ ideal dose of chemotherapy

1 August 2014

A leading Southampton scientist is testing a new way of measuring body composition, which could help ensure that breast cancer patients receive the optimum dose of chemotherapy.

Image of Ejaj Intisar

A summer in Boston, a new cancer therapy and the rantings of a Southampton medical student

1 August 2014

An account of an internship in Boston, a new cancer therapy and the rantings of Southampton student. By Ejaj Intisar.

Image of prize winners

Psychiatry prize winners announced

31 July 2014

The Psychiatry Prize final event was held for year 3 BM students on Friday 13 June, at Antelope House.

Image of Professor Nick Sheron

Harmful drinkers would be affected 200 times more than low risk drinkers if a Minimum Unit Price was introduced

31 July 2014

A new study of liver patients by the University of Southampton shows that a Minimum Unit Price (MUP) policy for alcohol is exquisitely targeted towards the heaviest drinkers with cirrhosis.

University wins national contract for new health research dissemination centre

21 July 2014

The University of Southampton has been awarded a national contract worth £5.1m to share new research findings with clinicians, patients and managers in health and social care.

Image of Professor John Morgan

Southampton heart patients use World's first mobile pacemaker station

21 July 2014

Heart patients in Southampton are the first in the world to use a new mobile station to assess their pacemakers without the need for a nurse, doctor or visit to hospital.