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Southampton’s new diabetes Masters programme will help healthcare professionals cope with demand burden

26 August 2015

The University of Southampton has launched a brand new Masters programme in Diabetes Best Practice which is designed to equip workforces and individuals with the skills and knowledge to meet future diabetes healthcare demands in the UK and beyond.

National award for Primary Care academic

20 August 2015

Dr Hazel Everitt, from Primary Care and Population Sciences at the University of Southampton, has been awarded a prestigious national award by the Royal College of GPs (RCGP).

Artist's impression of new Centre

Major contribution to Southampton’s Centre for Cancer Immunology

14 August 2015

The University has taken another significant step to help realise its goal of building a new world-leading research centre in cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

Southampton Professor says computer test could 're-define' heart disease management

14 August 2015

A leading UK doctor, and professor of interventional cardiology at the University of Southampton, Nick Curzon, says a pioneering test using advanced computer modelling has the potential to 're-define' the way coronary heart disease is diagnosed and managed.

University of Southampton to advance public involvement in health research

13 August 2015

The University of Southampton has been awarded a four year contract worth £3.2 million to deliver the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Centre for Patient and Public Involvement, Participation and Engagement, (INVOLVE Coordinating Centre).

Internet programme to encourage handwashing reduces spread of cold and flu viruses

7 August 2015

A web-based programme to encourage more frequent handwashing reduces the risk of catching and passing on respiratory tract infections to other household members, a randomised trial of more than 16,000 UK households published in The Lancet has found.

University of Southampton clinician scientist uses 'stomach pacemaker' to halt heartburn

31 July 2015

A surgeon in Southampton is using a tiny pacemaker-like stomach implant to help people suffering from persistent heartburn. The novel device, known as EndoStim, sends mild electronic pulses to control a muscle valve and prevent acid from the stomach leaking into the oesophagus, or gullet.

New study to examine the impact of nutrients before and during pregnancy on the health of mothers and their babies

31 July 2015

Researchers in the United Kingdom (Southampton), Singapore and New Zealand (Auckland) from the EpiGen Global Research Consortium are to trial the use of a combination of nutrients and probiotics before and during pregnancy in a bid to improve the health of mothers and their babies.

Simple procedure using a nasal balloon can help treat hearing loss in children

31 July 2015

For children with a common middle-ear problem, a simple procedure with a nasal balloon can reduce the impact of hearing loss and avoid unnecessary and ineffective use of antibiotics, according to a new study led by researchers from the University of Southampton.

Study to investigate nurse staffing levels and safe care

29 July 2015

A University of Southampton study will investigate how the provision of nurses in hospitals affects the care and safety of patients.