University of Southampton clinician scientist uses 'stomach pacemaker' to halt heartburn

31 July 2015

A surgeon in Southampton is using a tiny pacemaker-like stomach implant to help people suffering from persistent heartburn.

The novel device, known as EndoStim, sends mild electronic pulses to control a muscle valve and prevent acid from the stomach leaking into the oesophagus, or gullet.

New study to examine the impact of nutrients before and during pregnancy on the health of mothers and their babies

31 July 2015

Researchers in the United Kingdom (Southampton), Singapore and New Zealand (Auckland) from the EpiGen Global Research Consortium are to trial the use of a combination of nutrients and probiotics before and during pregnancy in a bid to improve the health of mothers and their babies.

Simple procedure using a nasal balloon can help treat hearing loss in children

31 July 2015

For children with a common middle-ear problem, a simple procedure with a nasal balloon can reduce the impact of hearing loss and avoid unnecessary and ineffective use of antibiotics, according to a new study led by researchers from the University of Southampton.

Study to investigate nurse staffing levels and safe care

29 July 2015

A University of Southampton study will investigate how the provision of nurses in hospitals affects the care and safety of patients.

University of Southampton to map impact of infectious diseases against research spending

22 July 2015

Study to better inform research into pneumonia and other infectious diseases receives Gates Foundation funding

Heart experts trial novel sound wave technology to lower blood pressure

21 July 2015

Heart experts at Southampton General Hospital are set to trial a new treatment that can reduce severe cases of high blood pressure by sending ultrasound waves to the kidneys.

Scientists gather in Southampton to discuss how to grow missing organs and tissues

16 July 2015

Leading scientists from the UK and around the world will meet at the University of Southampton next week (20 and 21 July) to discuss new technologies to create new, living tissues in the lab and to help our bodies regenerate themselves.

Out of this world: Southampton research into the health impacts of human spaceflight

15 July 2015

Pioneering research from the University of Southampton into the health impacts of spaceflight has been identified as a possible experiment to be conducted by British astronaut Tim Peake on his maiden voyage to the International Space Station (ISS) later this year.

‘Inspiring Leader’ in cancer research recognised with national award

15 July 2015

Dr Edd James, Associate Professor in Cancer Immunology, has received a national award from Cancer Research UK in recognition of his outstanding work to raise awareness about research.

The Inspiring Leader in Research Engagement Prize honours an individual or teams from Cancer Research UK Centres who have demonstrated significant commitment to public engagement.

Dr Stuart Clarke

Pneumonia investment doesn’t match mortality burden

15 July 2015

UK investment in pneumonia research is lacking when compared to spending on influenza and tuberculosis, according to a new study by the University of Southampton and University College London (UCL).