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Imaging and Microscopy Centre

Imaging and Microscopy Centre

The Imaging and Microscopy Centre provides facilities that cater for a broad range of imaging requirements.

We offer imaging solutions that range from measuring single molecule interactions, through single cells in both fixed and living samples to the detailed visualisation of macro-organisms and the visualisation of specific proteins separated using gel electrophoresis


08/07/2015 New online data store is active

Imaging data can now be accessed from any university workstation via a fast network drive or via any other PC via a VPN connection. At present the SP8 confocal and the Axioplan2 and Axiovert 200 widefield microscopes are connected to this service. Please contact me for connection details, and I'll post a link with full connection information for university users shortly.

07/07/2015 New SP8 confocal microscope is commissioned

We are pleased to announce the installation of the new Leica SP8 inverted confocal microscope. This is a high-spec instrument with many new features compared to the old SP2. Please see our equipment section for full specification and contact Mark if you have any questions or to book training.

24/04/2015 Deltavision Elite system is commissioned

Following a number of teething issues, the Deltavision Elite widefield deconvolution system is now up and running. The Deltavision is a fully automated programmable system that features state-of-the-art specifications and is particularly good for live imaging. The system also features mosaic panel imaging, point-to-point imaging, cell tracking and fast channel changes for ratiometric and high-speed live imaging. For the full specification please see our equipment section.

24/04/2015 Delivery date confirmed for new CfBS confocal microscope

We are pleased to report that the replacement for the SP2 confocal system now has a confirmed delivery date of 22nd June 2015. The system will be based around the new Leica DMi8 inverted stand, and will feature an SP8 scanhead, 8 laser lines and a spectral detector with on-board spectral unmixing algorithm. The system will have three detectors, including a super-sensitive low noise gallium arsenide detector suitable for live imaging.

The new system will also be equipped with a glycerol objective which allows deeper specimen penetration while minimising distortion of the PSF in the Z-axis, allowing for much higher quality 3D images.

24/04/2015 Construction of new SHG/multiphoton system underway at the IMC

Following the award of an ERC grant, Dr. Sumeet Mahajan has started development of a SHG (Second Harmonic Generation) and multiphoton microscope system here at the IMC for both label-free and labelled deep-tissue imaging. The system will feature a reconfigurable open-table architecture and an inverted stand, so it should be relatively easy to adapt to specific imaging requirements.

The IMC is collaborating by supplying a Ti-Sapphire pulsed laser, and we hope to see the system available for booking in 6-8 months time.

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