Mathematics and Science Learning Centre

The Mathematics and Science Learning Centre (MSLC), Southampton Education School, provides professional learning programmes in STEM education for teachers and support staff across all phases of education across the South of England.  To receive details of our support, please submit your contact details at

Professional Development

Working with oceanography

Our portfolio includes subject knowledge enhancement for science, maths and computing and scheduled professional development programmes for technicians, teaching assistants and teachers from Early Years to post-16. We operate the Computing at School Regional Centre for the South of England and run two Science Learning Partnerships as part of the National Science Learning Network. 

We can also provide consultancy on all aspects of professional development and design, deliver and evaluate the impact of programmes.

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Subject Specialism Training (STEM) - funded



October 15 through July 16 - places available in most subjects

The Mathematics and Science Learning Centre is running funded subject specialism training in 2015/16 in secondary mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computing, and primary mathematics and computing in collaboration with a range of partners including Ringwood School/Bransgore C.E Primary ‎School (SPELL - Southern Partnership for ‎Excellence in Leadership and Learning ‎TSA)‎, The Portsmouth TSA, Queen Elizabeth's School, Wimborne and Arnewood School.  All programmes are fully funded or subsidised.

The programme is suitable for those already teaching outside their specialism, those wishing to add a specialism or returners to teaching who wish to improve their subject knowledge.

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Latest Events

  • 2015/10/07

    Preparing for the Numeracy QTS Skills Test

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  • 2015/10/08

    RD206D01 Essential Skills for New and Aspiring Science Leaders

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  • 2015/10/13

    CLEAPSS Safety Examination of Autoclaves, Pressure Cookers and Model Steam Engines

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CAS South East BBC micro:bit Roadshow

CAS South East is hosting the BBC Micro:Bit Roadshow at University of Southampton on Monday 28th September. This FREE to attend day is an opportunity to train with experienced professionals to use the BBC micro:bit, which will shortly arrive in schools for every child in Year 7 across the UK. The event is organised through Computing At School in collaboration with Microsoft, the BBC and other Micro:Bit partners.

Primary Science Conference

Wednesday 04 November 2015

This conference is an ideal opportunity to develop your subject knowledge and skills whilst exploring the most effective strategies for assessment and elicitation in primary science. Featuring a keynote address Stuart Naylor, director of national projects including Concept Cartoons and Active Assessment, the day will consist of sessions based around three main strands as follows:

1. Active and effective assessment; making a difference in your classroom

2. Enhancing subject knowledge (evolution and Earth in space)

3. Working scientifically; from fair testing to scientific enquiry


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