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Dr Stuart Clarke

Newton Fund grant to aid Southampton researchers in understanding and reducing the impact of infectious disease in Malaysia

3 July 2015

A group of collaborators led by the University of Southampton have been awarded a British Council Newton Fund Institutional Links Grant to support ground-breaking research towards reducing the burden of infectious disease in Malaysia. The award of over £120,000 will help the researchers to examine more closely the role of weather and industrial pollution in the prevalence of disease-causing bacteria with a view to the introduction of appropriate vaccines and better antibiotic prescribing whilst building local capacity in public health.

Dalian graduation

University holds its first graduation ceremony in China

3 July 2015

University of Southampton students in China have become the first ever to graduate from the Winchester School of Art Dalian campus. 69 students celebrated their success at a graduation ceremony held at the Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU).

Optic fibre

Researchers to test new optical fibre 3D printing technique

2 July 2015

Researchers at the University of Southampton are set to investigate using 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, techniques in the fabrication of optical fibre. This entirely new way of making fibre could pave the way for more complex structures capable of unlocking a host of applications in a wide range of industries, from biotechnology to aerospace and telecommunications.

Pioneering Southampton scientist awarded prestigious physics medal

2 July 2015

University of Southampton Professor Nikolay Zheludev has been awarded the Young Medal for 2015 by the Institute of Physics. The award recognises his global leadership and pioneering, seminal work in optical metamaterials and nanophotonics.

Southampton researchers go with the flow to help protect endangered European eel

2 July 2015

New research led by the University of Southampton is paving the way to protect the endangered European eel as they migrate through rivers to the ocean.

EU open source software project receives green light

2 July 2015

An open source software project involving the University of Southampton to extend the capacity of computational mathematics and interactive computing environments has received over seven million euros in EU funding.

Professor Ray Monk

Philosopher elected to The Royal Society of Literature

1 July 2015

University of Southampton philosopher Professor Ray Monk has been elected a Fellow of The Royal Society of Literature (RSL). Professor Monk formally received the honour at a special ceremony at the Society’s annual general meeting and summer party.

Disaster planning against asteroid impact

30 June 2015

PhD researcher Dr Clemens Rumpf has developed a software (named ARMOR) that can predict the impact locations of asteroids and their impact effects. Here he discusses Asteroid Day and how ARMOR can help disaster planning against asteroid impact.

Professor Cyrus Cooper

Osteoporosis linked with heart disease in older people

29 June 2015

University of Southampton scientists have discovered a link between coronary heart disease and osteoporosis, suggesting both conditions could have similar causes.

Track to the future

29 June 2015

A new £8.5m research programme aims to develop railway track for the future that will cost less and last longer with reduced maintenance needs and improved environmental performance, causing significantly less disruption to travellers.

Taking technology smaller at Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition

29 June 2015

Pioneering research from the University of Southampton using electrical currents to grow materials that could create tiny tech the size of atoms will be on show at the Royal Society’s annual Summer Science Exhibition, which opens to the public this week (Tuesday 30 June 2015).

Southampton to provide major boost to UK robotics and autonomous systems capability

26 June 2015

The University of Southampton is to play a major role in helping to boost the UK’s ability to develop and exploit the vast potential of robotics and autonomous systems.

Lobophyllia coral

Rainbow of glowing corals discovered in depths of the Red Sea

25 June 2015

Glowing corals that display a surprising array of colours have been discovered in the deep water reefs of the Red Sea by scientists from the University of Southampton, UK, Tel Aviv University and the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences (IUI), Israel, together with an international team of researchers.

Antiques shop, London 1921

Tracking the fortunes of the UK antiques trade online

25 June 2015

A new online, interactive map has been launched which tracks the development and history of the UK antiques trade during the 20th century. Researchers from the University of Southampton, led by the University of Leeds, aim to chart the changing geographical locations of dealers over a one-hundred year period.

First species of Yeti Crab found in Antarctica named after renowned British deep-sea biologist

25 June 2015

The first species of Yeti Crab from hydrothermal vent systems of the East Scotia Ridge in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica, has been described by a team of British scientists.

How weaponising the body's immune system can deliver a cure for cancer

23 June 2015

We’re beginning to treat cancer in a whole new way. Rather than killing cancer cells directly with chemo or radiotherapy, the latest treatments are designed to promote the body’s natural immune control over the disease.

Brain inflammation targeted in first project from Dementia Consortium

19 June 2015

Funding worth nearly half a million pounds will unite academics at the University of Southampton with drug discovery experts at the medical research charity MRC Technology, to target the immune system in the hunt for new treatments for Alzheimer's disease.

The truth about dinosaurs: fact from fossils

17 June 2015

As cinema goers flock to see the new Jurassic World film, our researchers are exploring the facts behind the fiction, studying the environments in which dinosaurs lived and discussing new techniques to identify organic matter in dinosaur fossils.

Dr Jessica Whiteside on dig

Why did the dinosaur cross the equator…but choose not to live there?

16 June 2015

New research from the University of Southampton and international partners has uncovered the mystery of why large Triassic dinosaurs took more than 30 million years to populate the tropics.

WSA Degree Show 2015

Art and design stars of the future share their work

15 June 2015

The University of Southampton’s Winchester School of Art (WSA) is inviting people to come and experience creative, challenging work by its talented students from the UK and around the world.

Professor Jane Falkingham OBE

World-leading expert on population change awarded OBE

15 June 2015

Professor Jane Falkingham, one of the leading voices on population studies and demographic change in recent years, has been awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for services to Social Science in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for 2015.

What fish ears can tell us about sex, surveillance and sustainability

15 June 2015

Scientists at the University of Southampton have found a way to pry into the private lives of fish - by looking in their ears.

Dinosaurs invade Southampton

12 June 2015

Prehistoric creatures are set to invade Southampton this week as part of Dino Encounter, a major new event starting at SeaCity Museum in Southampton this Saturday (June 13).

Dramatic ice sheet collapse 135 thousand years ago triggered strong global climate change

11 June 2015

An international team of scientists has found that the climatic events that ended the ice age before last are surprisingly different to those of the last ice age.

Found: preserved dinosaur cells – but sadly scientists still can’t build Jurassic World

10 June 2015

Palaeontologist Dr Gareth Dyke writes for The Conversation about the scientific debate around the new Jurassic World film.

Engineering the future: Southampton Regius Lecture 2015

5 June 2015

The University of Southampton’s world-leading achievements in autonomous systems and artificial intelligence will be celebrated at a special event in London this week to mark the inaugural lecture of Professor Nick Jennings, who has been awarded a Regius Professorship in Computer Science.

Southampton establishes rail link with China

5 June 2015

The University of Southampton has signed an agreement with Chinese high-speed train manufacturer CSR Qingdao Sifang (CSR Sifang) to establish a new centre for railway research and development.

Lunula, National Museum of Ireland

Archaeologists discover evidence of prehistoric gold trade route

5 June 2015

Archaeologists at the University of Southampton have found evidence of an ancient gold trade route between the south-west of the UK and Ireland. A study suggests people were trading gold between the two countries as far back as the early Bronze Age (2500BC).

Web Science Institute: The era of ‘big data analytics’

4 June 2015

The University of Southampton’s Web Science Institute (WSI) is celebrating its first anniversary at a special event in London on Monday 8 June.

Southampton to help operate US National Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

4 June 2015

The University of Southampton has been selected as the sole UK partner to help operate the new National Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (COE UAS) in the United States.