University of Southampton


Southampton scientists find new way to detect ortho–para conversion in water

25 August 2015

New research by scientists from the University of Southampton has found that water molecules react differently to electric fields, which could provide a new way to study spin isomers at the single-molecule level.

National award for Primary Care academic

20 August 2015

Dr Hazel Everitt, from Primary Care and Population Sciences at the University of Southampton, has been awarded a prestigious national award by the Royal College of GPs (RCGP).

Study shows African Americans discriminated against in access to US local public services

20 August 2015

Requests for information from local public services, like sheriffs’ offices, school districts and libraries, across the United States are less likely to receive a reply if signed by ‘black-sounding’ names, according to new research conducted by economists at IZA and the University of Southampton.

First demonstration of matter wave technique that could cool molecules

18 August 2015

Researchers from the University of Southampton have demonstrated for the first time a new laser cooling method, based upon the interference of matter waves, that could be used to cool molecules.

University of Southampton to advance public involvement in health research

13 August 2015

The University of Southampton has been awarded a four year contract worth £3.2 million to deliver the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Centre for Patient and Public Involvement, Participation and Engagement, (INVOLVE Coordinating Centre).


University of Southampton sees increase in student satisfaction

12 August 2015

Results of this year’s National Student Survey (NSS) published today (Wednesday 12th August) show an overall increase in satisfaction levels of students at the University of Southampton.

Major contribution to Southampton’s world-leading Centre for Cancer Immunology

10 August 2015

The University of Southampton has taken another significant step to help realise its goal of building a new world-leading research centre in cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

Internet programme to encourage handwashing reduces spread of cold and flu viruses

7 August 2015

A web-based programme to encourage more frequent handwashing reduces the risk of catching and passing on respiratory tract infections to other household members, a randomised trial of more than 16,000 UK households published in The Lancet has found.

New study to examine the impact of nutrients before and during pregnancy on the health of mothers and their babies

5 August 2015

Researchers in the United Kingdom (Southampton), Singapore and New Zealand (Auckland) from the EpiGen Global Research Consortium are to trial the use of a combination of nutrients and probiotics before and during pregnancy in a bid to improve the health of mothers and their babies.

Ship Science graduate breaks world records in 4,300 row across the Atlantic Ocean

5 August 2015

University of Southampton alumnus Lawrence Walters (Ship Science, 2014), along with his friend Tom Rainey (both 23), has completed a 93 day row across the Atlantic Ocean from New York and arriving in Salcombe, Devon yesterday afternoon (4 August).

Reflecting Photonics garden wins People’s Choice Award

4 August 2015

Reflecting Photonics, the International Year of Light garden sponsored by the University of Southampton, was recently voted Best Garden in the People’s Choice Awards at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) show at Tatton Park.

Fruit flies

Electric fields signal ‘no flies zone’

31 July 2015

A new piece of research led by the University of Southampton has found that the behaviour of fruit flies, which are commonly used in laboratory experiments, is altered by electric fields.

Nurse performing observation

Study to investigate nurse staffing levels and safe care

29 July 2015

A University of Southampton study will investigate how the provision of nurses in hospitals affects the care and safety of patients. Funded by the National Institute for Health Research: Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme and working with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and the universities of Portsmouth and York, the research will examine the relationship between nurse staffing levels, failure to observe patients’ vital signs and possible consequences – such as cardiac arrest calls, unanticipated admission to intensive care and death.

Southampton researchers help the UK rail industry cut costs and reduce delays

28 July 2015

Researchers from the University of Southampton have led a national project to help the UK rail industry reduce delays and achieve multi-million-pound savings.

New research on Agincourt naval fleet revealed at international conference

27 July 2015

Experts on the Battle of Agincourt gathering at the University of Southampton to mark its 600th anniversary will hear new evidence suggesting Henry V’s naval fleet, used to transport troops, was much smaller than previously thought.

Simple procedure using a nasal balloon can help treat hearing loss in children

27 July 2015

For children with a common middle-ear problem, a simple procedure with a nasal balloon can reduce the impact of hearing loss and avoid unnecessary and ineffective use of antibiotics, according to a new study led by researchers from the University of Southampton.

Exercise mimic molecule may help treat diabetes and obesity

27 July 2015

Scientists from the University of Southampton have developed a molecule that acts as an exercise mimic, which could potentially help treat type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Southampton engineers test fly printed aircraft off Royal Navy ship

23 July 2015

A 3D printed aircraft has successfully launched off the front of a Royal Navy warship and landed safely on a Dorset beach.

Mangroves help protect against sea level rise

23 July 2015

Mangrove forests could play a crucial role in protecting coastal areas from sea level rise caused by climate change, according to new research involving the University of Southampton.

Dr Stuart Clarke

University of Southampton to map impact of infectious diseases against research spending

22 July 2015

Scientists at the University of Southampton are set to analyse research investments into infectious disease research, particularly pneumonia and maternal and neonatal infections, after receiving over £370,000 in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. By studying how research funding is allocated relative to the global burden of disease, and assessing the outputs and impact of research, the resulting data will be used to better inform future investment decisions.

Researchers aim to produce vaccine to save the Tasmanian devil

21 July 2015

New research, led by University of Southampton biological scientist Dr Hannah Siddle, is aiming to develop an effective vaccine against an infectious cancer that is eradicating the Tasmanian devil, the world’s largest remaining marsupial carnivore.

IYL 2015 Garden makes Light work of understanding science

20 July 2015

The University of Southampton has joined with Elks-Smith Landscape & Garden Design to create a spectacular ‘Garden of Light’ for the RHS Tatton Flower Show in Cheshire (22-26 July) in celebration of the United Nations International Year of Light.

Invasive Urchin

Marine travellers best able to adapt to warming waters

20 July 2015

Marine species that already roam far and wide throughout our oceans are extending their territories further and faster in response to climate change, according to new research involving the University of Southampton and an international team of biodiversity experts.

Graduation proposal

Student proposes marriage during graduation ceremony

17 July 2015

As a first for graduation ceremonies at the University of Southampton, a student has got down on one knee and made a proposal of marriage in front of hundreds of other graduands.

Scientists gather in Southampton to discuss how to grow missing organs and tissues

16 July 2015

Leading scientists from the UK and around the world will meet at the University of Southampton next week (20 and 21 July) to discuss new technologies to create new, living tissues in the lab and to help our bodies regenerate themselves.

Southampton professor calls for changes in the law for surveillance by UK intelligence agencies

15 July 2015

Professor Dame Wendy Hall from the University of Southampton has co-authored a significant new report, which calls for a fresh start in the law for surveillance practices in the UK.

Prof Rod Rhodes

Politics professor honoured with lifetime achievement award

15 July 2015

Professor of Government at the University of Southampton, Rod Rhodes, has been given the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award by the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). Professor Rhodes impressed the awards jury with his, “exceptional record in the many areas of the profession: from teaching and publishing, to advising and disseminating.”

Pneumonia investment doesn’t match mortality burden

15 July 2015

UK investment in pneumonia research is lacking when compared to spending on influenza and tuberculosis, according to a new study by the University of Southampton and University College London (UCL).

‘Inspiring Leader’ in cancer research recognised with national award

15 July 2015

Dr Edd James, Associate Professor in Cancer Immunology, has received a national award from Cancer Research UK in recognition of his outstanding work to raise awareness about research.

Out of this world: Southampton research into the health impacts of human spaceflight

15 July 2015

Pioneering research from the University of Southampton into the health impacts of spaceflight has been identified as a possible experiment to be conducted by British astronaut Tim Peake on his maiden voyage to the International Space Station (ISS) later this year.