PGR Scholarship Fund

The University has instituted a new scholarship fund. Open to the best students, whoever they are and wherever they come from, it will support up to 100 new PhD places each year. This is part of our wider strategy to make a step-change increase in the number of postgraduate research students studying in Southampton.

What does the scheme deliver?

The Scheme is open to all students - from the UK or any country worldwide. Postgraduate research students recruited under the new scheme will receive a centrally-funded scholarship of £7,000 per year for three years, provided that they continue to progress well with their degrees. The scholarships can be combined with additional funding which may be available from other sources.

The University seeks the best students whatever their circumstances, and the scheme is designed to be flexible for part-time students. The amount of funding can be reduced pro-rata and the time over which the award is given can be increased pro-rata, so that the total funding of £21,000 is available over the equivalent of three full-time years of study.

Up to 100 such scholarships may be awarded per year, although fewer will be awarded if there is not sufficient quality in the applications.

How to apply

To apply, apply for a PhD in the normal way. Faculties will then seek support for the very best students under the scheme.

Centrally-funded scholarships available for PGR students

Centrally-funded scholarships available for PGR students

£7000 per year for three years

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