Sport and Wellbeing

The University's Sport and Wellbeing service offers a wide-ranging programme of sport for all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. These activities are supported by the University's excellent sports facilities.

The Jubilee Sports Centre

The Jubilee Sports Centre

Our state-of-the-art £8.5 million complex includes a 25m swimming pool.

Jubilee Sports Centre

The Jubilee Sports Centre is a state-of-the-art £8.5 million complex which, in conjunction with the sports facilities in the nearby Students' Union, provides:

Wide Lane Sports Ground

Wide Lane Sports Ground is a 76 acre facility which has benefitted from a £4.3 million redevelopment. Located just a few minutes bus journey from Highfield campus, and walking distance from Wessex Lane Halls, the facilities include:

Sports facilities at our halls of residences

As well as the sports facilities on-campus and at Wide Lane, we also have fitness suites and gyms at several of our bigger halls of residences including:

Watersports Centre

The University's Watersports Centre runs a wide range of Royal Yachting Association approved Watersports courses, which are internationally recognised. Courses are run across our three Watersports facilities and include sailing, kayaking, powerboating, windsurfing, and Essential Watersports Theory.

Sports Performance Centre

To support members of our Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme and our Sports Bursary students we offer an exclusive performance sports training centre as part of our funding. This fully equipped centre is based at our Wide Lane Sports Ground and provides:

Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre

Sport and Wellbeing members also benefit from access to athletic and skiiing facilities at the nearby Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre. The facilities here include:

Sports team and societies

Sport and Wellbeing works closely with extensive range of sports clubs and societies which operate as part of the Southampton University Students' Union (SUSU). For more information, visit the SUSU website sports page

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