Operation Iceberg. Southampton scientist presents BBC programmes

In a recent BBC2 programme, Operation Iceberg, bubble physicist Dr Helen Czerski and Southampton alumnus Chris Packham joined a team of scientists as they investigated the birth, life and death of icebergs.

The two-part programme, broadcast in the autumn of 2012, features a ground-breaking expedition following the spectacular story of an Arctic iceberg. They were on the ice and at sea for six weeks, investigating the science of glaciers, how glaciers produce icebergs and why icebergs matter for our polar regions. It was an amazing expedition, connecting many strands of polar science and involving plenty of ice adventures.

Helen has previously fronted BBC programmes including Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey and The Transit Of Venus. On Operation Iceberg, Helen will be working with glaciologists and ice-experts to try to understand what's happening deep within the Greenland ice sheet and the 'berg itself.

See the videos, photos and diaries of the filming of Operation Iceberg.

Helen appears on Dara O Briain’s Science Club

In a new six-part BBC2 science series, Dara O'Briain’s Science Club, Helen joins Dara and a team of scientists and special guests as they take a single subject each week and examine it from lots of different and unexpected angles – from reproduction to extinction.

Helen will be appearing in four of the six episodes, talking on subjects such as Einstein’s elusive gravitational waves, which have been mystifying scientists for years, and bringing extinct species back from the dead.

Dara O Briain’s Science Club starts on Tuesday 6 November at 9pm on BBC2.

Dr Helen Czerski on location

Dr Helen Czerski on location

Helen joins Southampton alumnus Chris Packham and a team of scientists as they investigate the birth, life and death of icebergs.