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Professor Wendy Adams BSc, PhD

Professor of Experimental Psychology, REF Champion

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Professor Wendy Adams is a Professor within Psychology at the University of Southampton.

BSc (Psychology) - University of Sheffield

PhD stereo vision, University of Sheffield (supervisor - Professor John Frisby)

Post-doctoral position - University of California - Berkeley

Post-doctoral position - University of Glasgow





Research interests

I am interested in human visual perception – how we interpret the patterns of light falling on our two-dimensional retinae to recover a three-dimensional model of the world. My research covers a broad range of issues within the realm of human vision. For example, there are several different cues available to the visual system that contain shape information, such as texture, shading and binocular information. An interesting question is how these different sources of visual information are combined to form a unified percept. Often, visual information is ambiguous, and to make perceptual judgements the visual system must invoke various assumptions. I am interested in the types of assumptions used by human observers to interpret ambiguous visual scenes. An additional line of research examines how well the human visual system can adapt and learn to changes in the environment.

Research group(s)

Centre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)

Research project(s)

Emotional face processing without awareness

Exploring whether emotional face stimuli are processed in more efficient ways than other visual stimuli

Understanding the relationship between anxiety and behavioural difficulties

Shape and depth perception

Visual cues and assumptions

Visual adaptation and re-calibration

Resolving visual ambiguity

A study of the choices made by the visual system



I teach on the first year ‘Thinking Psychologically’ course, second year ‘Perception’ course, and I also run a third year seminar: 'Making sense of ambiguous visual scenes'.

Professor Wendy Adams
Building 44 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number:44/4103

Telephone:(023) 8059 3629

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