Wing Yee Cheung (VerBon)

BA in Psychology and Philosophy/ MSc in Research Methods in Psychology/PhD in Social Psychology

Primary position:
Research Fellow


The University of Southampton
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"When we are born, when we enter this world, it is as if we signed a pact for the rest of our life, but a day may come when we will ask ourselves Who signed this on my behalf?"

There are a few things that I would never regret doing in my life: Studied Psychology and Philosophy in Hong Kong as an Undergraduate, worked in the Media, and doing Social Psychology Research. Along this journey, I met my great PhD Supervisors Professor Greg Maio in Cardiff and Professor Tony Manstead at Cardiff. Right now, at the Centre for Research on Self and Identity in Southampton, it is a joy to conduct research on nostalgia, self-esteem, and motivation together with an inspirational team.


The University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints)


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Research Interests

I am a member of the Centre for Research on Self and Identity Research Group. I am a Social Cognition researcher. Keywords that relate to my research interests: emotions, motivations, goal pursuits, social values, implicit thinking, nostalgia, self-enhancement, self-verification, environmental psychology.

I’m currently involved in the following projects:

  1. Anticipated nostalgia
  2. Nostalgia as a moral emotion
  3. Nostalgia and the use of heuristics
  4. Self-enhancement vs. Self-verificatio
  5. Effect of positive feedback on physiological changes and motivation

Primary research group:  Centre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Psyc1009 Introduction to Psychology II 2010-2011
  • PSYC6046 Advanced stats 2012-2013


Dr Wing Yee Cheung (VerBon)
Centre for Research on Self and Identity School of Psychology Highfield Campus Southampton S017 1BJ Telephone: (023) 8059 4584

Room Number: 44/4001

Telephone: (023) 8059 4584