Research assessment

The most recent (2008) Research Assessment Exercise was conducted jointly by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, and its counterparts in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Based on research activity evidence submitted by participating institutions, the funding bodies produced individual quality profiles which in turn influenced the reserarch funding available.

Psychology at Southampton received a grade point average of 2.70, ranking it 8th in the UK. The peer-review panel at the time noted in their report that this was nationally a particularly strong discipline, so this result is both welcome and well-deserved. Some of our most frequent collaborative partners within the University, such as Medicine and Social Sciences, also received high scores in the 2008 RAE.

In the 2001 RAE, using a different scoring mechanism, Psychology gained a '5' rating, again in line with the University's strong showing overall. 

We look forward with confidence to the Research Excellence Framework, scheduled for 2014.


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