Research Group: Centre for Applications of Health Psychology (CAHP)

CAHP members are extensively involved in large-scale research collaborations: during the period 2008 to 2013 current members of CAHP have been Principal Investigator on over £10 million external grant funding and Co-Investigator on a further £25 million, funded by ESRC, MRC, EPSRC, NIHR, EC and medical charities.

What does CAHP do?

The purpose of CAHP is to promote the application of psychology to alleviate health problems in clinical populations. CAHP members develop, apply, test, refine and disseminate psychological theory and techniques in order to assist people with symptoms, disabilities or medical diagnoses. Our work includes:

• Basic research to establish the mechanisms underlying psychological aspects of health and health problems and their effective measurement and management
• Translational research testing the efficacy and effectiveness of theory-based psychological interventions and psychological aspects of medical interventions
• Development and evaluation of innovative methods of studying, measuring, promoting and managing health
• Provision of psychological services to advise on and/or assist with health promotion or the management of health problems
• Education and training for health professionals and psychologists in the use of psychological interventions.

CAHP members use a wide range of research methods and collaborate with researchers from many countries and across a range of disciplines, including public health, computer science, sociology, and health sciences.

Currently Active: Yes

Group Overview

Research Themes

Web-based interventions

CAHP has a large programme of research (over £15 million) developing and evaluating web-based behavioural interventions to improve health. These include websites to:

  • help people self-manage a range of health conditions, including hypertension, cancer-related fatigue, disability following stroke, dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome, flu-related symptoms and infections, and eczema
  • Support people to lose weight, stop smoking, practice hand hygiene and increase their physical activity

Understanding Pain

Research on pain focuses mainly on three intertwined themes:

  • the cognitive and affective neuroscience of pain – in particular, the emotional modulation of attention in chronic pain.
  • the development of theory driven psychological interventions for the management of acute and chronic pain in children and adults.
  • the evaluation of the efficacy and effectiveness of psychological interventions in paediatric and adult pain management.

Understanding patient experiences

  • Research on the patient perspective and contextual effects of health care interventions includes:
  • Patients’ experiences, uptake and adherence to treatment, enhancing treatment outcomes through psychological pathways
  • The use of placebos in clinical trials and clinical practice
Balance Training website

Balance Training website

Sexual and reproductive health

This research topic includes studies of:

  • hormonal contraceptive use and sexual functioning
  • sexually transmitted infections and psychological/sexual functioning
  • condom use errors and problems
  • sexual problems
  • female sexual arousal and desire (using the Dual Control Model, developed at the Kinsey Institute, as a theoretical framework).

Permanent CAHP members:

Lucy Yardley (Director)
Christina Liossi
Cynthia Graham
Felicity Bishop
Sarah Kirby
Laura Dennison
Alarcos Cieza
Ingrid Muller


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