RAE 2008

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What is the RAE?

Government funding for research in Universities comes via two routes: the Research Councils and the Higher Education Funding Councils (HEFCE in England). The size of HEFCE research grants are determined by the quality of research that is undertaken by the institution.

The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is undertaken approximately every 5 years to evaluate the quality of research undertaken by British higher education institutions. RAE submissions from each subject area, (or Unit of Assessment) are given a rank by a subject specialist peer review panel.

RAE 2008
School (Unit/Division) RAE 2008 Units of Assessment Grade Point Average
Medicine 2. Cancer Studies 2.85
4. Other Hospital Based Clinical Subjects 2.65
8. Primary Care and Other Community Based Clinical Subjects 3.10
Nursing 11. Nursing and Midwifery 3.25
Health Professions 12. Allied Health Professions and Studies 1.75
Biological Sciences 14. Biological Sciences 2.45
NOCS; OES 17. Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences 2.85
Chemistry 18. Chemistry 2.65
Physics; ORC 19. Physics 2.65
Mathematics 20. Pure Mathematics 2.45
Mathematics 21. Applied Mathematics 2.85
Mathematics; SSSRI 22. Statistics and Operational Research 2.75
ECS (Computer Science) 23. Computer Science and Informatics 3.20
ECS (Electronics); ORC 24. Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2.85
Civil Engineering and the Environment 27. Civil Engineering 3.05
Engineering Sciences; ISVR 28. Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering 2.70
Geography 32. Geography and Environmental Studies 2.65
Humanities (Archaeology) 33. Archaeology 2.80
Social Sciences (Economics) 34. Economics and Econometrics 3.00
Management 36. Business and Management Studies 2.60
Law 38. Law 2.50
Social Sciences (Politics) 39. Politics and International Studies 2.05
Social Sciences (Social Statistics; Sociology and Social Policy) 40A. Social Work and Social Policy & Administration: Sociology and Social Policy 3.00
Social Sciences (Social Work Studies) 40B. Social Work and Social Policy & Administration: Social Work Studies 2.30
Psychology 44. Psychology 2.70
Education 45. Education 2.25
Humanities (Modern Languages; Film Studies ) 50. European Studies 2.65
Humanities (English) 57. English Language and Literature 2.80
Humanities (Philosophy) 60. Philosophy 2.45
Humanities (History) 62. History 2.95
Art 63. Art and Design 2.00
64. History of Art, Architecture and Design 2.55
Humanities (Music) 67. Music 3.25


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World-leading research

World-leading research

In the 2008 RAE, more than 60 per cent of our research was considered world-leading or internationally excellent.

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