Replacing Your Alumni ID Card

If your Alumni ID Card needs to be replaced for any reason, you must complete a new Alumni Smart ID Application form.  This is available from the Student Services Centre, Jubilee Sports Centre and on the Alumni website.  Once completed, the form will need to be authorised by the Alumni Relations Office before the replacement card can be made.

There is a charge of £10 for the replacement of lost or damaged cards (e.g. snapped or hole punched in the card).  We will replace ID cards free of charge for the following reasons:

  • Stolen - a crime ref. number from the police would need to be provided
  • Change of name or title
  • Wear and Tear
  • The card is more than 3 years old or has expired

The definition of wear and tear is as follows:

  • Photo/ID number/Full Name are unreadable on card (and has not been intentionally removed and the ID card is in good condition other than this)
  • Smart ID Card Chip failure (the card is otherwise in good condition)
  • Small Break (less 1cm) on the left hand side of the smart ID card (caused by the chip - the card is otherwise in good condition).

Warning - As soon as you have a Smart ID Card replaced, your lost/stolen card will be hotlisted to prevent fraudulent use. This means that if anyone attempts to use your lost/stolen card on any university service (e.g. on a Uni-Link bus) the card will be recognised as 'hotlisted' and confiscated.  The user may be liable to prosecution.

Applying by post:
Please ensure you have included the £10 payment with your form if necessary.  The form should be posted to:

Alumni Relations Office,
University of Southampton,
SO17 1BJ

The Alumni Relations Office will post your ID card to you once it is ready.

Applying in person:
You should first take your completed application form to the Alumni Relations Office to have the form approved.  Once approved the Student Advisory Team on level 2 of the Student Services Centre will make your ID card for you while you wait. 

On-Card Facilities

If you had any facilities on your card these will need to be put back on to the card once it has been remade:

Sportrec - Take your new ID card to the reception in the Jubilee Sports Centre and they will encode your Sportrec membership on to the new card.

Uni-Link - You will need to take your new card to the Uni-Link office to have your pass loaded on to the new card.  If you purchased your bus pass from the Uni-Link office this can be done easily once your new card has been made.  If you purchased your bus pass on the bus then you will need to take your old card to the Uni-Link office to be read before you come to the Student Services Centre to get your new card. Once the new card has been made the Uni-Link Office will be able to put your pass back on the card for you.  Please note - If you have purchased your bus pass on the bus and then lose, or damage your card so that it is unreadable, the Uni-Link Office will not be able to put the pass on to your new card without proof of purchase and bus journeys taken. 


The Alumni Relations Office is located on level 3 in the Student Services Centre.

Office Hours 09:00-17:00, Monday-Friday (Please note, the Student Services Centre is only open until 15:30 on Wednesday).

Telephone:   +44 (0) 23 8059 2747