Students Obtaining a Smart ID Card for the First Time

Students Starting in September/October:

  • UK Students

A Smart ID Card Application Pack will be sent to your home address in August/September.  Please ensure you sign the application and glue a good quality, colour passport photograph to your form.  Digital Photographs printed on to paper are not acceptable.

  • International Students

The International Office will email you with details on how to apply for a Smart ID Card. This information is also available on the International Welcome Week webpage.  Please ensure you sign the application and glue a good quality, colour passport photograph to your form. Digital Photographs printed on to paper are not acceptable.

  • All Students 

To guarantee your ID card is ready to collect at the start of term you must return your application form to the Student Service Centre by post or in person by the deadline stated on your letter.  We are unable to accept a scanned copy of your application form by email.  Failure to submit your application form on time will result in a delay of 14 days for your card to be produced.

Your ID Card will be delivered to your School Office when it has been made.  Please do not visit the Student Services Centre to attempt to pick it up.  You must bring 2 pieces of valid identification with you to pick up your ID card (don't send the ID documents with your application form).  A list of valid documents can be found in the "Useful downloads" column at the right hand side of this page.

Students Starting Throughout the Year

If you are a new or existing student wishing to obtain a Smart ID Card for the first time, you should apply for one using the ‘Student ID Card Application Pack’. This is available from the "Useful downloads" column on the right of this page, or can be obtained from the Student Services Centre.  This form should be completed with your 8-digit student ID Number, and should have a good quality, colour, passport sized photograph attached.  There is a passport photo booth situated in the Students Union Building on the Highfield Campus. Once completed, the form should be returned to the Student Services Centre by hand or by post.  We will contact you by email when your ID card is ready for collection.  You can also track the progress of your ID card application by logging in to SUSSED and clicking on the “Resources” tab.

Please note, we will not issue an ID card until the valid ID documents have been shown.  For a full list of the relevant ID documents please refer to the list in the ID Card Application Pack or download the ‘Valid ID Documents’ from the “Useful downloads”

Students studying English with the Centre for Language Study

You will be sent an ID application form for your EAP or EAS course from the Centre for Language Study.   Once you have applied for this ID card you will NOT need to apply for an ID card for your main degree course of study.  This will automatically be made for you and sent to the academic school you will be studying in for collection when you main course starts.