Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9231Aldrich, J."Explaining the Findings of Other Models" - on Encompassing and the Encompassing PrincipleJan 1992  
9230Clare, A.D. and Thomas, S.H.Relative Price Variability and Inflation in an Equilibrium Price Misperceptions' Model : Evidence for the UKJan 1992  
9229Clare, A. and Thomas, S.Winners and Losers : UK Evidence for the Overreaction HypothesisJan 1992  
9228MacLeod, W.B. and Malcomson, J.M.Specific Investment and Wage Profiles in Labour Markets (European Economic Review, Vol.37, No.s 2/3, April 1993, pp.343-354)Jan 1992  
9227Smith, P.Women in the Labour Force: Some Aspects of Gender Inequality in Human DevelopmentJan 1992  
9226Andrade, I. and Clare, A.Is the UK Treasury Bill Rate a Good Proxy for Expected Inflation in the UK? (forthcoming Economics Letters)Jan 1992  
9225Malcomson, J.M.Contract Inefficiency, Wages and Employment: An Assessment (in Economics in a Changing World, Vol.5, Jean-Paul Fitoussi (ed), Economic Growth and Capital Labour Markets, Macmillan, London, 1994)Jan 1992  
9224Gazeley, I. and Rice, P.Output and Employment During the Interwar Period: The Case of the Ship-Building IndustryJan 1992  
9223Clare, A.D.An APT Approach to Modelling the Quality of Securities House' CapitalJan 1992  
9222Hsieh, P.S. and Wells, R.The Japanese Financial Market: Evidence on Firm Financing Choice and Investment After DeregulationJan 1992  
9221Wells, R.Strategic Dynamic DebtJan 1992  
9220Rayner, J. and Aldrich, J.Distinguishability and IdentifiabilityJan 1992  
9219Rayner, J.Identification of Structural VARsJan 1992  
9218Aldrich, J.Haavelmo's Identification Theory (forthcoming in Econometric Theory 1994)Jan 1992  
9217Sola, M. and Ravn, M.O.The Use of Recursive Variance Plots:A NoteJan 1992  
9216Driffill, J. and Sola, M.Testing the Present Value Hypothesis from a Vector Autoregression with Stochastic Regime SwitchingJan 1992  
9215G J Edmonds, R J O'Brien and Jan M PodivinskyUnit Root Tests and Mean ShiftsJan 1992  
9214Lu, M. and Mizon, G.E.The Encompassing Principle and Specification TestsJan 1992  
9213Chang, P. and Judd, K.Finite Sample Bias of GMM EstimationJan 1992  
9212Chang, P.Time-varying Risk Premium in the Foreign Exchange Market: Assessing Specification Tests and Measuring Model-Noise ErrorJan 1992  
9211Chalkley, M.A Note on the Approximation of Models of HysteresisJan 1992  
9210Karp, L.Depreciation Erodes the Coase ConjectureJan 1992  
9209Karp, L.Monopoly Power Can be Disadvantageous in the Extraction of a Durable Nonrenewable ResourceJan 1992  
9208Blackburn, K. and Sola, M.Market Fundamentals versus Speculative Bubbles. A New Test Applied to the German HyperinflationJan 1992  
9207Blackburn, K. and Hung, V.T.Y.Endogenous Growth and Trade LiberalizationJan 1992  
9206Clare, A.D. and Thomas, S.H.International Evidence for the Predictability of Bond and Stock ReturnsJan 1992  
9205Blackburn, K., Orduna, F. and Sola, M.Exponential Smoothing and Spurious Correlation: A NoteJan 1992  
9204Blackburn, K. and Sola, M.Speculative Currency Attacks and Balance of Payments Crises: A Survey (Journal of Economic Surveys, 7, 119-144)Jan 1992  
9203Andrade, I.C.The Relationship between Inflation and Relative Price Variability: A Multivariate Approach (forthcoming Estudos De Economia)Jan 1992  
9202Sola, M. and Driffill, J.Testing the Term Structure of Interest Rates from a Stationary Switching Regime VAR (forthcoming Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 1994)Jan 1992  
9201Blackburn, K., Mongiardino, A. and Sola, M.Was There an "EMS Effect" in the European Disinflation?Jan 1992