Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9323Rice, P.Post-War Trends in Part-Time Employment: A SurveyJan 1993  
9322Smith, P. and Ulph, A.The Flexibility of National Economies in Response to the Oil-Price ShocksJan 1993  
9321Lee, I.H.Market Crashes and Informational AvalanchesJan 1993  
9320Gottfries, N. and McCormick, B.Discrimination and Open Unemployment in a Segmented Labour Market (forthcoming, European Economic Review, 1994)Jan 1993  
9319MacLeod, W.B. and Malcomson, J.M.Motivation, Markets and Dual EconomiesJan 1993  
9318Ulph, A.Environmental Policy and International Trade when Governments and Producers Act Strategically (forthcoming in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management)Jan 1993  
9317Chiarini, B.Persistence, Comovement and Common Trends: an Empirical Study of Disaggregated Italian Output and Labour InputJan 1993  
9316Fairburn, J.A. and Malcomson, J.M.Rewarding Performance by Promotion to a Different Job (European Economic Review, Vol.38, No.s 3/4, April 1994, pp.683-690)Jan 1993  
9315Ingham, A.An Examination of the Council Tax Banding of 1991 using Quantal Response AnalysisJan 1993  
9314Brennan, G. and Hamlin, A.A Revisionist View of the Separation of Powers (Journal of Theoretical Politics, Vol.6, 1994, pp.345-368)Jan 1993  
9313Brennan, G. and Hamlin, A.Rationalizing Parliamentary SystemsJan 1993  
9312Chilton, J.B. and Addison, J.T.Voluntary NoticeJan 1993  
9311Addison, J.T. and Blackburn, M.The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act: Effects on Notice Provision (forthcoming Industrial & Labor Relations Review 1994)Jan 1993  
9310Heathfield, D.F.Aggregate Demand: A RestatementJan 1993  
9309Heathfield, D. and Raja, R.V.Economies of Scope, Economies of Scale, Cost and Production FunctionsJan 1993  
9308Aldrich, J.Cowles Exogeneity and Core ExogeneityJan 1993  
9307Hung, V.T.Y.Sources of External Balance FluctuationsJan 1993  
9306Clare, A., Smith, P.N. and Thomas, S.Predicting UK Stock Returns and Robust Tests of Mean Variance EfficiencyJan 1993  
9305Ulph, A.Environmental Policy, Plant Location and Government Protection (C Carraro (ed), Trade, Innovation Environment, Kluwer, pp.123-161)Jan 1993  
9304Ulph, A.Environmental Policy and Strategic International Trade (forthcoming in G Boerro and A Silbertson (eds), Recent Advances in Environmental Economics, Macmillan)Jan 1993  
9303Blackburn, K. and Hung, V.T.Y.A Theory of Growth, Financial Development and TradeJan 1993  
9302MacLeod, W.B., Malcomson, J.M. and Gomme, P.Labor Turnover and the Natural Rate of Unemployment:Efficiency Wage vs Frictional Unemployment (Journal of Labor Economics, Vol.12, No.2, April 1994, pp.276-315)Jan 1993  
9301Ismail, A.G.Profit-Sharing in the Modelling of Islamic BanksJan 1993