Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9427Smith, P and Wahba, JThe role of the state in economic development: an empirical investigationJan 1994  
9426Qizilbash, M.Obligation, Human Frailty and Utilitarianism (Utilitas (7), 1995, pp.145-156)Jan 1994  
9425Qizilbash, M.Capabilities, Virtue and DevelopmentJan 1994  
9424Hung, V.T.Y. and Chang, P.Technical Progress, Environmental Improvement and Economic Growth: How Does the Choice of Instruments Matter?Jan 1994  
9423Ulph, A.Environmental Policy and International Trade - A Survey of Recent Economic AnalysisJan 1994  
9422Armstrong, M. and Doyle, C.Access Pricing, Entry and the Baumol-Willig RuleJan 1994  
9421Armstrong, M.Delegation and DiscretionJan 1994  
9420Hillier, G.Quadratic Forms: Expansions, Moments and Applications to Regression DiagnosticsJan 1994  
9419Qizilbash, M.Corruption, Temptation and Guilt: Moral Character in Economic TheoryJan 1994  
9418Qizilbash, M.Bribery, Efficiency Wages and Political ProtectionJan 1994  
9417Qizilbash, M.Decisions and Moral CharacterJan 1994  
9416Ulph, A. and Ulph, D.Trade, Strategic Innovation and Strategic Environmental Policy - A General AnalysisJan 1994  
9415Ulph, A.Strategic Environmental Policy and International Trade - The Role of Market ConductJan 1994  
9414Andrade, I.C.A Multivariate Study of the Fisher Hypothesis and the UK Stock MarketJan 1994  
9413Lee, I.H. and Lee, J.Durable Goods Monopoly under Technological InnovationJan 1994  
9412Wahba, J.The Transmission of Dutch Disease and Labour MigrationJan 1994  
9411Lee, I.H. and Chalkley, M.Asymmetric Business CyclesJan 1994  
9410MacLeod, W.B. and Malcomson, J.M.Turnover Costs, Efficiency Wages and Cycles (forthcoming in Annales d'Economie et de Statistique)Jan 1994  
9409MacLeod, W.B. and Malcomson, J.M.Contract Bargaining with Symmetric Information (forthcoming in Canadian Journal of Economics)Jan 1994  
9408Ulph, A. and Ulph, D.The Irreversibility Effect RevisitedJan 1994  
9407Ulph, A. and Ulph, D.Who Gains from Learning About Global WarmingJan 1994  
9406Ireland, N.J. and Stewart, G.On the Sale of Production Rights and Firm Organization.Jan 1994  
9405Isabel C Andrade, R J O'Brien and Jan M PodivinskyCointegration Tests and Mean ShiftsJan 1994  
9404Raybaudi Massilia, M.A Note on FDI and Exports as Entry BarriersJan 1994  
9403Ulph, A.Strategic Environmental Policy, International Trade and the Single European Market (forthcoming in Environmental Policy with Economic and Political Integration, Edward ElgarJan 1994  
9402Ulph, A. and Ulph, D.Global Warming: Why Irreversibility May Not Require Lower Current Emissions of Greenhouse GasesJan 1994  
9401Solimene, L.Total Factor Productivity in the Italian Telecommunications IndustryJan 1994