Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9532Armstrong, M., Doyle, C. and Vickers, J.The Access Pricing Problem: A SynthesisJan 1995  
9531Lee, I.H.Merging of Forecasts in Markov ModelsJan 1995  
9530Marsh, P.Saddlepoint Approximations and Non-Central Quadratic FormsJan 1995  
9529Morris, S. and Shin, H.S.The Rationality and Efficacy of Decisions under Uncertainty and the Value of an ExperimentJan 1995  
9528Shin, H.S.Informational Efficiency versus Economic Efficiency in a Market with Differential InformationJan 1995  
9527Shin, H.S.Comparing the Robustness of Trading Systems to Higher Order UncertaintyJan 1995  
9526Shin, H.S.Defining a Notion of Confidence in an Economy with Differential InformationJan 1995  
9525Johnson, J.E.V. and Shin, H.S.A Violation of Dominance and the Consumption Value of GamblingJan 1995  
9524Morris, S. and Shin, H.S.Informational Events which Trigger Currency AttacksJan 1995  
9523van Garderen, K.J.Optimal Prediction in Loglinear ModelsJan 1995  
9522van Garderen, K.J.Variance Inflation in Curved Exponential ModelsJan 1995  
9521van Garderen, K.J.Testing Hypotheses in Curved Exponential ModelsJan 1995  
9520Raybaudi Massilia, M.Economic Geography and Multinational EnterpriseJan 1995  
9519Mukerji, S.A Theory of Play for Games in Strategic Form when Rationality is not Common KnowledgeJan 1995  
9518Ulph, A.International Environmental Regulation when National Governments Act StrategicallyJan 1995  
9517Mukerji, S.Understanding the Nonadditive Probability Decision ModelJan 1995  
9516Qizilbash, M.Egalitarian Justice, Capability and Well-Being ProspectsJan 1995  
9515Qizilbash, M.Capabilities, Well-Being and Human Development (Revision of Discussion Paper No.9425)Jan 1995  
9514Chalkley, M. and Malcomson, J.M.Contracting for Health Services when Patient Demand Does Not Reflect QualityJan 1995  
9513Chalkley, M. and Malcomson, J.M.Contracts and Competition in the NHSJan 1995  
9512Qizilbash, M.Ethical Development (forthcoming World Development 24(7) July 1996)Jan 1995  
9511Hillier, G. and Forchini, G.Some Exact Distribution Theory for the Gaussian AR(1) Model. I: Joint Density of the Minimal Sufficient StatisticsJan 1995  
9510Chalkley, M. and Malcomson, J.M.Contracting for Health Services with Unmonitored QualityJan 1995  
9509Meschi, M.M.Female Labour Supply and Unemployment in Italy: An Empirical AnalysisJan 1995  
9508van Garderen, K.J.Curved Exponential Models in EconometricsJan 1995  
9507Ulph, A. and Maddison, D.Uncertainty, Learning and International Environmental Policy Co-ordinationJan 1995  
9506Armstrong, M. and Vickers, J.The Access Pricing ProblemJan 1995  
9505Chin, A. and Smith, P.Car Ownership and Government Policy: Analysis and Evaluation of Singapore's Vehicle Quota SchemeJan 1995  
9504Aldrich, J.R. A. Fisher and the Making of Maximum Likelihood 1912-22Jan 1995  
9503Hillier, G.H.The Union of Best Critical Regions: Complete Classes, p-Values, and Model CurvatureJan 1995  
9502Aldrich, J.Correlations Genuine and Spurious in Pearson and YuleJan 1995  
9501Beyer, A.The Causal Link Between Money and Prices in GermanyJan 1995