Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9649Madsen, J.B.The Constant Term Fallacy in Estimates of the NAIRUJan 1996  
9648Junankar, P.N. and Madsen, J.B.Unemployment in the OECD: Models and MysteriesJan 1996  
9647Madsen, J.B.On Errors in Variable Bias in Estimates of Export Price ElasticitiesJan 1996  
9646Morrison, G.C.Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept: Some Evidence of an Endowment EffectJan 1996  
9645Hillier, G. and Armstrong, A.On the Density of the Maximum Likelihood EstimatorJan 1996  
9644Mountford, A.Poverty Trap Equilibria in an Open International EnvironmentJan 1996  
9643Driffill, J. and Meschi, M.Unions and Wages in 1984 and 1990: Evidence from Cross Sections of Establishments in the UKJan 1996  
9642Mukerji, S. and Shin, H.S.Is Common Knowledge Possible in Games with Knightian UncertaintyJan 1996  
9641Chalkley, M. and Malcomson, J.M.Contracts for National Health ServiceJan 1996  
9640Lee, I.H.Equilibrium Borrowing and Lending with BankruptcyJan 1996  
9639Rice, P.G.Further Education or the Job Queue? A Study of Choice of Activity by Young Persons Based on Evidence from the Youth Cohort StudyJan 1996  
9638O'Brien, R JThe curious case of spurious cointegrationJan 1996  
9637Piermartini, R. and Ulph, A.Trade Liberalisation and Innovative Success with Unionised Labour marketsJan 1996  
9636Qizilbash, M.Pluralism and Well-Being IndicesJan 1996  
9635Herrendorf, B., Valentinyi, A. and Waldmann, R.Diversity and DevelopmentJan 1996  
9634Qizilbash, M.The Concept of Well-BeingJan 1996  
9633Mountford, A.Gradual Convergence Under Perfect International Capital MobilityJan 1996  
9632Brennan, G. and Hamlin, A.Two Theories of Rational VotingJan 1996  
9631Qin, D. and Lu, M.Dynamic Structure of Disequilibrium ModelsJan 1996  
9630Aldrich, JDoing Least Squares: Some Scenes from HistoryJan 1996  
9629Moschetti, G.P.P.Public Information and Trading Volume. Does Trading Generate Trading?Jan 1996  
9628Armstrong, M.Price Discrimination by a Many-Product FirmJan 1996  
9627Ravn, M.O.Permanent and Transitory Shocks, and the UK Business CycleJan 1996  
9626Khalil, F. and Parigi, B.The loan size as a commitment deviceJan 1996  
9625Armstrong, M.Network InterconnectionJan 1996  
9624Mountford, A.Convergence, Overtaking and the Welfare Implications of International Trade in a Convex EconomyJan 1996  
9623Ulph, A. and Valentini, L.Plant Location and Strategic Environmental Policy with Inter-Sectoral LinkagesJan 1996  
9622Barker, K., Chalkley, M., Malcomson, J.M. and Montgomery, J.Contracting in the NHS Legal and Economic IssuesJan 1996  
9621Mountford, A.Trade Dynamics and Endogenous Growth - An Overlapping Generations AnalysisJan 1996  
9620Cook, S.Consumers' Expenditure and the Treasury Model: An Exercise in Econometric ForecastingJan 1996  
9619Cook, S.Econometric Methodology II: The Role of the Philosophy of ScienceJan 1996  
9618Cook, S.Econometric Methodology IJan 1996  
9617Mohieldin, M. and Wahba, J.The Urguay Round and Trade in Financial Services in the Arab CountriesJan 1996  
9616Mukerji, S.Ambiguity Aversion and Incompleteness of Contractual FormJan 1996  
9615Williams, I.Investment Specificity, Vertical Integration and Market ForeclosureJan 1996  
9614Williams, I.Integration and Investment SpecificityJan 1996  
9613Williams, I.Project Development, Liquidation Values and Multiple Creditor BorrowingJan 1996  
9612Evan, P and McCormick, B.The Growing Importance of White Collar Jobs and the Progress of Ethnic MinoritiesJan 1996  
9611Anderlini, L. and Ianni, A.Learning on a TorusJan 1996  
9610Evans, P. and McCormick, B.Occupational Downgrading and Upgrading in BritainJan 1996  
9609McCormick, B and Wahba, JThe Brain Drain, Remittances and Economic DevelopmentJan 1996  
9608Lu, M.Measuring the Persistence of Macroeconomic Time SeriesJan 1996  
9607Srinivasan, S.Estimation of Own R&D, R&D Spillovers and Exogenous Technical Change Effects in Some U.S. High-Technology IndustriesJan 1996  
9606Aldrich, J.The Course of Marshall's Theorising about Demand (HOPE, Vol.28, Issue 2, Summer 1996)Jan 1996  
9605Gazeley, I. and Rice, P.G.Wages and Employment in Britain between the Wars: Quarterly Evidence from the Shipbuilding IndustryJan 1996  
9604Rice, P.G. and McVicar, D.Participation in Full-Time Further Eduction in England and Wales: An Analysis of Post-War TrendsJan 1996  
9603Goerke, L.Taxes on Payroll, Revenues and Profits in Three Models of Collective BargainingJan 1996  
9602Andrade, I C, Clare, A D, O'Brien, R J and Thomas, S HSeasonal Unit Roots in Daily Financial Time SeriesJan 1996  
9601Ulph, A. and Ulph, D.Global Warming, Irreversibility and LearningJan 1996