Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9721Moauro, F.Modelling a Change of Classification in Economic Time Series DataJan 1997yes 
9720MacLeod, W.B. and Malcomson, J.M.Motivation and MarketsJan 1997yes 
9719Mourmouras, I.A. and Ghosh, S.Fiscal Policies and the Terms of Trade in an Endogenous Growth Model with Overlapping GenerationsJan 1997yes 
9718Ulph, A.Political Institutions and the Design of Environmental Policy in a Federal System with Asymmetric InformationJan 1997yes 
9717Hendricks, K., Piccione, M. and Tan, G.Equilibria in NetworksJan 1997yes 
9716Halonen, M. and Williams, I.Incomplete Contracts, Vertical Integration and Product Market CompetitionJan 1997yes 
9715Mukerji, S.Ambiguity Aversion and Incompleteness of Contractual Form (Revised version of Discussion Paper 9616)Jan 1997yes 
9714Colombo, E.Restructuring as a Signal: A Simple FormalizationJan 1997yes 
9713Ianni, A.Learning Correlated Equilibria in Normal Form GamesJan 1997yes 
9712Lee, I.H. and Valentinyi, A.Interactive ContagionJan 1997yes 
9711Mountford, A.Catching Up, Overtaking and the Growth Implications of Economies with LandJan 1997yes 
9710Balkenborg, D. and Schlag, K.H.On the Interpretation of Evolutionarily Stable SetsJan 1997yes 
9709Balkenborg, D.Bargaining Power and the Impact of Lender Liability for Environmental DamagesJan 1997yes 
9708Cremer, J., Khalil, F. and Rochet, J-C.Strategic Information Gathering Before a Contract is OfferedJan 1997yes 
9707Cremer, J., Khalil, F. and Rochet, J-C.Contracts and Productive Information GatheringJan 1997yes 
9706Larsen, J.D.J.Labour Markets with Turnover Costs and Fixed Wage Contracts - A General Equilibrium ModelJan 1997yes 
9705Watts, C.The Optimal Level of Regulatory CommitmentJan 1997yes 
9704O'Brien, R.J.Further Curiosa in 'Spurious' CointegrationJan 1997yes 
9703Malcomson, J.M.Contracts, Hold-Up and Labor MarketsJan 1997yes 
9702Lu, M. and Mizon, G.E.Mutual Encompassing and Model EquivalenceJan 1997yes 
9701Ulph, A.Harmonisation, Minimum Standards and Optimal International Environmental Policy under Asymmetric InformationJan 1997yes