Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9919Hall, S., Mizon, G.E. and Welfe, A.Modelling Economies in Transition: An IntroductionJan 1999yesyes
9918Hendry, D.F. and Mizon, G.E.On Selecting Policy Analysis Models by Forecast AccuracyJan 1999yesyes
9917Marcellino, M. and Mizon, G.E.Modelling shifts in the wage-price and unemployment-inflation relationships in Italy, Poland, and the UK.Jan 1999yesyes
9916Hoffmann, M.The Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle and a New Measure of International Capital MobilityJan 1999yesyes
9915Hoffmann, M.International Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Current AccountJan 1999yesyes
9914McVicar, D.Economic Integration, Intensity of Competition and R&D IncentivesJan 1999yesyes
9913Gillman, M., Kejak, M. and Valentinyi, A.Inflation, Growth and Credit ServicesJan 1999  
9912Anderlini, L. and Siconolfi, P.Efficient Provision of Public Goods with Endogenous RedistributionJan 1999yesyes
9911Anderlini, L. and Sabourian, H.Cooperation and Non-Halting StrategiesJan 1999yesyes
9910Anderlini, L. and Felli, L.Costly Bargaining and RenegotiationJan 1999yesyes
9909Mason, R.Compatibility between Differentiated NetworksJan 1999yes 
9908Mason, R.Cost Raising Strategies in a Symmetric,Dynamic DuopolyJan 1999yes 
9907Mason, R. and Wright, S.The Effects of Uncertainty on Optimal ConsumptionJan 1999yesyes
9906Forchini, G. and Hillier, G.H.Conditional Inference for Possibly Unidentified Structural EquationsJan 1999yesyes
9905Valentini, L.Credit Rationing and Capital Structure: A Survey of Empirical StudiesJan 1999yes 
9904Missoulis, N.Optimal Education in an Altruistic Framework: The Role of the Age Structure of PopulationJan 1999yes 
9903Colombo, E.The Capital Structure of Hungarian FirmsJan 1999yesyes
9902Hillier, G.H.The Density of a Quadratic Form in a Vector Uniformly Distributed on the n-SphereJan 1999yesyes
9901Hillier, G.H. and O'Brien, R.J.Exact Properties of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Exponential Regression Models: A Differential Geometry ApproachJan 1999yesyes