Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
0037Ulph, A. and Valentini, L.Environmental Regulation, Multinational Companies and International CompetitivenessJan 2000yesyes
0036Ulph, A. and Valentini, L.Environmental Liability and the Capital Structure of FirmsJan 2000yesyes
0035Ratfai, A.Linking Individual and Aggregate Price ChangesJan 2000yesyes
0034Ratfai, A.A Note on the Independence of Central Banks in the Czech Republic, Hungary and PolandJan 2000yesyes
0033Mateos-Planas, X.Technology Adoption with Finite HorizonsJan 2000 yes
0032Mateos-Planas, X.Creative Destruction and Public Policy in a Vintage Model of Endogenous GrowthJan 2000 yes
0031Mateos-Planas, X.The European Demographic TransitionJan 2000 yes
0030Mateos-Planas, X.Schooling and Distortions in a Vintage Capital ModelJan 2000 yes
0029Ratfai, A.The Size, Frequency and Synchronization of Price Adjustment: Microeconomic EvidenceJan 2000yesyes
0028Ratfai, A.Relative Price Skewness and Inflation: A Structural VAR FrameworkJan 2000yesyes
0027I H Lee, A Szeidl and A ValentinyiContagion and State Dependent MutationsJan 2000yesyes
0026Jan M Podivinsky and Maxwell L KingThe Exact Power Envelope of Tests for a Unit RootJan 2000yesyes
0025Wahba, J.Returns To Education and Regional Earnings Differentials in EgyptJan 2000yesyes
0024Kugler, M.International Trade when Inequality Determines Aggregate DemandNov 2000yesyes
0023Kugler, M.The Diffusion of Externalities from Foreign Direct Investment: Theory ahead of MeasurementOct 2000yesyes
0022Rapisarda, G.Bank Equity Stakes in Borrowing Firms and Credit Market CompetitionJan 2000yesyes
0021Malcomson, J.M., Maw, J.W. and McCormick, B.General Training by Firms, Apprentice Contracts, and Public PolicyJan 2000yesyes
0020McCormick, B. and Wahba, J.Did Public Wage Premiums Fuel Agglomeration in LDCs?Jan 2000yesyes
0019Rice, P.Participation in Further Education and Training: How Much Do Gender and Race Matter?Jan 2000yesyes
0018Kugler, M. and Rosenthal, H.Checks and Balances: An Assessment of the Institutional Separation of Political Powers in ColombiaJan 2000yesyes
0017Srinivasan, S and Stewart, GThe Quality of Life in England and Wales.Jan 2000yesyes
0016Musinguzi, P. and Smith, P.Saving and Borrowing in Rural UgandaJan 2000yesyes
0015Hoffmann, M.Long Run Recursive VAR Models and QR DecompositionsJan 2000yesyes
0014McVicar, D. and Rice, P.Participation in Further Education in England and Wales: An Analysis of Post-War TrendsJan 2000yesyes
0013Mason, R. and Weeds, H.Networks, Options and PreemptionsJan 2000yes 
0012Ianni, A.Learning Correlated Equilibria in Potential GamesJan 2000yesyes
0011Ianni, A. and Corradi, V.Ergodicity and Clustering in Opinion FormationJan 2000yesyes
0010Corradi, V and Ianni, AA Simple Locally Interactive Model of Ergodic and Nonergodic GrowthJan 2000yesyes
0009Ianni, A. and Corradi, V.Consensus, Contagion and Clustering in a Space-Time Model of Public Opinion FormationJan 2000yesyes
0008Rotondi, Z.Designing instrument rules for monetary stability: the optimality of interest-rate smoothingJan 2000yesyes
0007Piermartini, R.Trade Liberalisation and Growth: Market Access AdvantageJan 2000yesyes
0006Aldrich, JThe Origins of Fixed X RegressionJan 2000yesyes
0005Hoffmann, M.The Relative Dynamics of Investment and the Current Account in the G-7 EconomiesJan 2000yesyes
0004Rotondi, Z.Time Consistent Monetary Policy reconsidered: May we have a Deflationary Bias Too ?Jan 2000yesyes
0003Rotondi, Z.Credibility of Optimal Monetary Delegation: Do we really need Prohibitive Reappointment Costs ?Jan 2000yesyes
0002Anderlini, L. and Canning, D.Structural Stability and Robustness to Bounded RationalityJan 2000yesyes
0001Hoppe, H.C. and Lee, I.H.Entry Deterrence in Durable-Goods MonopolyJan 2000yesyes