Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
0112Montoro, V. F.Expectations and the Behaviour of Spanish Treasury Bill RatesJan 2001yesyes
0111Aldrich, J.How Likelihood and Identification went BayesianJan 2001yesyes
0110Hamlin, A. and Jennings, C.Group Formation and Competition: Instrumental and Expressive ApproachesJan 2001yesyes
0109Ianni, A and Corradi, VThe Dynamics of Public Opinion Under Majority RulesJan 2001yesyes
0108Ericsson, N.R., Maasoumi, E. and Mizon, G.E.A Retrospective on J.D. Sargan and his Contribution to EconometricsJan 2001yesyes
0106Marcellino, M. and Mizon, G.E.Small system modelling of real wages, inflation, unemployment and output per capita in Italy 1970-1994Jan 2001yesyes
0105Krolzig, H-M., Marcellino, M. and Mizon, G.E.A Markov-Switching Vector Equilibrium Correction Model of the UK Labour MarketJan 2001yesyes
0104Hendry, D.F. and Mizon, G.E.Reformulating Empirical Macro-econometric ModellingJan 2001yesyes
0103Hoffmann, M. and MacDonald, R.A Real Differential View of Equilibrium Real Exchange RateJan 2001 yes
0102Becker, S.O. and Hoffmann, M.International Risk Sharing in the Short Run and in the Long RunJan 2001yesyes
0101Verdier, T., Zenou, Y.Racial Beliefs, Location and the Causes of CrimeJan 2001yesyes