Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
0411Juan Blyde, Maurice Kugler and Ernesto SteinExporting vs. Outsourcing by MNC Subsidiaries: Which Determines FDI Spillovers?Sep 2004yesyes
0410John Haltiwanger, Adriana Kugler, Maurice Kugler, Alejandro Micco and Carmen PagésEffects of Tariffs and Real Exchange Rates on Job Reallocation:Evidence from Latin AmericaAug 2004yesyes
0409Pitarakis, J. Model Selection Uncertainty and Detection of Threshold EffectsJul 2004yesyes
0407Maurice Kugler, Thierry Verdier & Yves ZenouOrganised Crime, Corruption and PunishmentMay 2004yesyes
0406Jie Ma and Alistair UlphAdvertising in a Differentiated Duopoly and Its Policy Implications for an Open EconomyOct 2003yesyes
0405Alan Wan, Guohua Zou and Anurag BanerjeeThe Limiting Power of Autocorrelation Tests in Regression Models with Linear RestrictionsMar 2004yesyes
0404Jian Tong and Chenggang XuFinancial Institutions and the Wealth of Nations: Tales of DevelopmentDec 2003yesyes
0403Stewart, G.Innovation, Appropriation and Entrepreneurial StrategyFeb 2004yesyes
0402Jan M Podivinsky and Geoff StewartWhy are Labour-Managed Firms so Rare? An Analysis of Entry Using UK Panel DataOct 2003yesyes
0401Anurag Banerjee, Johan Swinnen and Alfons WeersinkSkating on Thin Ice: Rule Changes and Team Strategies in the NHLFeb 2004yesyes