Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
0926Helen PaulWomen's Careers in Economic History in the UKDec 2009yesyes
0925Helen PaulThe Darien Scheme and Anglophobia in ScotlandDec 2009yesyes
0924Helen PaulThe South Sea Company’s Slaving ActivitiesDec 2009yesyes
0923Helen PaulPoliticians and Public Reaction to the South Sea Bubble: Preaching to the Converted?Dec 2009yesyes
0922Helen PaulArchibald Hutcheson’s Reputation as an Economic Thinker: Pamphlets, the National Debt and the South Sea BubbleDec 2009yesyes
0921Helen PaulThe maintenance of British Slaving Forts in Africa: The activities of Joint-Stock Companies and the Royal NavyDec 2009yesyes
0920John C. Bluedorn, Akos Valentinyi, and Michael VlassopoulosThe Long-Lived Effects of Historic Climate on the Wealth of NationsNov 2009yesyes
0919John AldrichMathematics in the Statistical Society 1883-1933Nov 2009yesyes
0918Grant Hillier, Raymond Kan & Xiaoulu WangGenerating Functions and Short Recursions, with Applications to the Moments of Quadratic Forms in Noncentral Normal VectorsNov 2009yesyes
0917Corrado GiuliettiImmigration and Displacement Across Local Labour MarketsNov 2009yesyes
0916Gonzalo, J. and Pitarakis, J. Regime Specific Predictability in Predictive RegressionsNov 2009yesyes
0915 Paulo Barelli & Spyros GalanisAdmissibility and Event-RationalityNov 2009yesyes
0914Stewart, G.Implicit Amenity Prices and the Location of Retirees in England and WalesNov 2009yesyes
0913Schluter, C. and Wahba, J.Illegal Migration, Wages and Remittances- Semi-parametric Estimation of Illegality EffectsJan 2009yesyes
0912Carmine Ornaghi & Fabio CastiglionesiOn the determinants of TFP Growth: Evidence from Spanish Manufacturing FirmsOct 2009yesyes
0911Xavier Mateos-Planas & Xavier Cuandras-MoratoWage Inequality and Unemployment with OvereducationOct 2009yesyes
0910Xavier Mateos-PlanasA Model of Credit Limits and Bankruptcy with Applications to Welfare and IndebtednessOct 2009yesyes
0909Xavier Mateos-PlanasDemographics and the Politics of Capital Taxation in a Life-cycle EconomyOct 2009yesyes
0908Chalkley, M.J. and Stewart, G.Trade liberalisation, market structure and the incentive to mergeOct 2009yesyes
0907Martin Gervais & Jonas FisherWhy has home ownership fallen among the young?Oct 2009yesyes
0906Martin Gervais & Paul KleinMeasuring consumption smoothing in CEX dataOct 2009yesyes
0905Martin GervaisOn the Optimality of Age-Dependent Taxes and the Progressive U.S. Tax SystemOct 2009yesyes
0904Martin Gervais, Paul Klein, Matthew Brozozowski & Micho SuzukiConsumption, Income, and Wealth Inequality in CanadaOct 2009yesyes
0903Gill, D. and Stone, R.Fairness and Desert in TournamentsNov 2009yesyes
0902Sandrine Cazes & Mirco ToninEmployment Protection Legislation and Job Stability: An European Cross Country AnalysisFeb 2009yesyes