Social Sciences


REF 2014: Social Sciences soar in world-leading research to top 5

18 December 2014

Social Sciences has performed well in specific Units of Assessment in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) with our research environment we offer in Criminology, Demography, Gerontology and Sociology rated 100% world-leading. It is also ranked in the Top 5 in the country.*

Life Long Learning 'Expert Evidence under the Microscope' Study Day 29 November

24 November 2014

Criminology academics will take part in a study day this Saturday which aims to dissect expert evidence.

Lack of A level maths leading to fewer female economists

30 October 2014

A study by the University of Southampton's Economics department has found there are far fewer women studying economics than men, with women accounting for just 27 per cent of economics students, despite them making up 57 per cent of the undergraduate population in UK universities.

Student yachting team crowned World Champions

27 October 2014

The University of Southampton’s student yachting team, which includes an Economics graduate, have been crowned World Champions by winning the 34th Student Yachting World Cup.

How do we live to 100 and enjoy it?

13 October 2014

What does it take for us to get to 100 years old? What are our chances of living beyond a century? How do our early years, lifestyle, work and where we live affect our lifespan? These are just some of the questions raised in a new exhibition being taken around the UK by population experts at the University of Southampton.

Third of countries struggling to meet the needs of ageing population

1 October 2014

Index highlights disparity in wellbeing of over 60’s around the world.

Self-made billionaires more likely to give than inheritors

29 September 2014

A study by economists at the University of Southampton suggests that billionaires who have built their own fortunes are
more likely to pledge to donate a large portion of their wealth to charities, than those who are heirs to family fortunes.

Social enterprise summer school gives Southampton students experience of a lifetime

12 September 2014

Students from across the University of Southampton have had the experience of a lifetime this summer when they got the opportunity to take part in the University’s first social enterprise summer camp in India.

The big ageing population debate - Guardian opinion piece

10 September 2014

We know the population is ageing – now we must embrace the challenge. With numbers of people aged 75 and over expected to double by 2040, society needs to adapt quickly.

Women and health professionals spark new cycle of improving maternal and newborn health

8 September 2014

Demand for better care by women linked with the expansion of basic services, rather than political pressure, has helped to improve midwifery services in low to middle-income countries, according to international research involving the University of Southampton.