Why I give to the Hartley Circle

Nick Pike (BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1980) is a Hartley Circle donor to the University of Southampton. Since graduating he has held a number of important roles in IT, including as a Vice President of Dell Computer Corporation and Director of Symatrix Ltd. He enjoys rugby, golf and particularly cricket, having held several key positions at Hampshire Cricket’s Rose Bowl, including as Managing Director.

Nick Pike

Nick Pike

Hartley Circle Donor - Supporter of the university's student enterpise fund

At Southampton I achieved an excellent qualification in Mechanical Engineering; however it was the combination of academic and life skills learnt in my time at the University that gave me the springboard for my years ahead. Applying an inquiring mind, the appetite to learn and then research further, exploring new fields independently and being inspired by fellow students from disparate countries and social backgrounds all had relevance in my later life. I know that my career opportunities that followed were enhanced in no small way by everything that I had experienced at Southampton.

As my eldest children approach university age I follow the developments surrounding UK higher education more closely than I did in the past. Southampton, like institutions across the country, faces considerable challenges in the short to medium term, and with my own children now reaching this stage in their lives it has brought these challenges more sharply into focus.

I still have strong ties with the city, and the county of Hampshire, through my work. The University of Southampton remains close to my heart and its continuing success means a great deal to me.

I feel very fortunate to have received the opportunities Southampton offered to me and for the way that it prepared me for life. I wanted to recognise this debt by giving something back, now that I am in a position to do so.

I believe my gift to the University is having an impact, going towards areas where it is needed and where – along with many other gifts from people like me – it is making a real difference to the lives of students today. I hope that raising awareness of gifts such as mine will inspire still more people to consider doing something similar.

Since making my first gift, supporting my University now feels like a natural thing for me to do. As a member of the Hartley Circle I am committed to investing in Southampton, playing my part in establishing a foundation of long-term support upon which the University can draw, now and into the future.

“I believe my gift to the University is having an impact – it is making a real difference to the lives of students today.”

Nick Pike

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